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Top Ten Openings of TV

Top Ten Openings of TV Since we're going into 2020, I thought it appropriate to "open" with the best opening titles and themes in television shows. All puns aside, I suppose I should lay down the basics, as it were. If you would like to know about this blog and all about it, I will direct you here, to my  Welcome page. For this list, I'm going to countdown the best titles and themes from TV shows I've watched over the years. They can be either entire sequences with songs, or just a title card with a unique look. These are ones that I can't help but watch, that don't get skipped. You can find the links to any of these by clicking on the title of the show.  ~ Number Ten ~ Friends by The Rembrandts, "I'll be There for You" Number Ten on my list is probably one of the most popular sitcom themes ever, if not in TV as a whole. In it's run of ten seasons, it didn't change either its talented cast or its now iconic