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House Special: January 2020

House Special: January Welcome to the first ever House Special! Below, you will find ten fictional characters sorted into their proper Hogwarts House and why. Please note, if you are not familiar with a character or fandom, but have interest, there ARE spoilers ahead. You have been warned. These will also be in no particular order, like least favorite to least favorite, as that's a job for a Top Ten list. Proceed! ~ Number Ten ~ John Watson from Sherlock House: Gryffindor                                   John's character is incredibly hard to pin down. I initially wanted to stick him in Slytherin, as he has a lot of traits that could land him in that house, but the core of who John is is most definitely Gryffindor. In the very first episode, Mycroft nails John's problem immediately: John craves excitement. He is not content to just let things be. He loves the adventures he and Sherlock have. He's calm and composed while under extreme pressure, and

Top Ten Standalone Novels

Top Ten Standalone Novels A well- loved series is all well and good, but do you ever have one of those days where reading five books or more just seems too long? I know I've had plenty of those days, and I'm here to give you my top ten favorite novels that can stand by themselves. Any books from a series or trilogy doesn't count; however, duologies are fair game. You can find links to the books in their titles. Enjoy! ~ Number Ten ~ The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum                                    Not only is this one of the most iconic movies of all time, but also one of the most popular books.I first picked it up when I was around twelve or so, and since has become very worn with all the readings I've gotten out of it. I assume most, if not all of you, know the story, but if you don't, I suggest reading the book first. No spoilers, but it is incredibly rich and vibrant, adding far more depth than the movie, and brings me a sense of great

Top Ten Marvel Villains

Top Ten Marvel Villains Welcome back to another top ten list! I am your host, Thunderbird Queen. If this is your first time visiting, you can find links to both my Welcome page and my Directory down below. Today, I'm celebrating my favorite villains from Marvel films. As a note, this is not limited to the MCU. All Marvel films are fair game. Enjoy! Note: If you have not seen any of these movies, and/ or have plans to do so, read at your own risk. I'm issuing a giant Spoiler Alert for this content. ~ Number Ten ~ The Yellow Jacket Ant- Man (2015) The first Ant- Man movie caught me by surprise. Originally, I never planned on seeing it, but I went anyway just to have something to do. Needless to say, I was blown away by it. Actor Corey Stoll played the role of Darren Cross (which is, in and of itself, a great villain name, as he double crosses pretty much everybody), aka the Yellow Jacket. He just goes to show you that some villainous plots take years to