Top Ten Marvel Villains

Top Ten Marvel Villains

Welcome back to another top ten list! I am your host, Thunderbird Queen. If this is your first time visiting, you can find links to both my Welcome page and my Directory down below. Today, I'm celebrating my favorite villains from Marvel films. As a note, this is not limited to the MCU. All Marvel films are fair game. Enjoy!

Note: If you have not seen any of these movies, and/ or have plans to do so, read at your own risk. I'm issuing a giant Spoiler Alert for this content.

~ Number Ten ~
The Yellow Jacket
Ant- Man (2015)

The first Ant- Man movie caught me by surprise. Originally, I never planned on seeing it, but I went anyway just to have something to do. Needless to say, I was blown away by it. Actor Corey Stoll played the role of Darren Cross (which is, in and of itself, a great villain name, as he double crosses pretty much everybody), aka the Yellow Jacket. He just goes to show you that some villainous plots take years to plan, not just a week or two. He takes the ant- man technology, manages to not only replicate it but make it better, outfitting his suit with lasers and flight tech. Bonus points for being just on the brink of insanity the entire time without fulling falling over the edge. 

~ Number Nine ~
The Red Skull
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


Even bald, red- faced, and missing a nose, Hugo Weaving is unmistakable as Steve Rogers' enemy. The Red Skull lives during World War II, founding his own regime called Hydra, apart from Hitler's forces. Not many villains in the MCU can say they are responsible for kicking off what is probably the biggest game changer throughout the entire saga. Aside from founding Hydra (arguably one of the greatest driving points throughout the MCU), he also introduced the first Infinity Stone, and was the first to weaponize it. But villainy sometimes hits you right back, and now he is forever fated to guard the coveted Soul Stone. So close, yet so far. 

~ Number Eight ~
Doctor Octopus
Spider- Man 2 (2004)

So, Spider- Man 2 kind of got the short end of the stick compared to a lot of superhero movie sequels. While "Doc Oc" doesn't exactly live up to his predecessor villain, he definitely breaks a few rules. For one, his design and weapon of choice are just flat our amazing. The fact that his mechanical arms were originally created with the purpose to help people is even better, until they got inside his head. Heck, even the doctor himself, Doctor Octavius, wasn't a bad guy at first. Until the loss of his wife and dreams drove him to maniacal obssesion. Also, it's a lot easier to wear a trench coat when your psychotic metal arms can hold you a good eight feet off the ground. 

~ Number Seven ~
Spider- Man: Into the Spiderverse (2018)


I said any Marvel film was fair game and I meant it. Here's a villain that only has his sheer force of will and fists the size of cinder blocks. No powers, no suit, just a guy who everyone's afraid of and gets his kicks by doing bad things, even if he puts on a fake facade. His story his somewhat of a tragic one, but, interestingly enough, the story about his family makes you feel bad for his family instead of for him. The movie portrays him for what he is and nothing more. He kills and takes because he can, and it really makes you wonder how fake he had to be to marry what seemed like a really sweet woman and have a son with her. He's the ultimate two- faced liar. 

~ Number Six ~
Captain America: Civil War (2016)

I think there are only a handful of villains who actually succeeded in their evil plans. When Zemo's family was killed in Sokovia, he quietly swore revenge on the Avengers. To be fair, he wouldn't be the first, but he never publically announced it. Instead, he worked as a one man army to bring them down from the inside out (and he could have had an army of super soldiers at his beck and call, but killed them instead). He was the one that drove the Avengers apart and weakened them, creating a divide so great that it would eventually spell doom for the heroes in Infinity War. But he also knew that revenge would not help him, so he saw his plan through and would have killed himself had T'Challa not stepped in. Honestly, some of the other villains need to take notes. 

~ Number Five ~
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Two words: Cate. Blanchett. In all honesty, I think Thor is the adopted one. The thing about the oldest of Odin's children is that she exudes confidence, she walks the walk that goes with her talk. Also, she can produce knives and swords of any size from thin air, which is awesome. She's capable of not only taking out entire armies, but also elite forces like the Valkyrie, all by herself. And her claims to the throne are valid; as the oldest, it is her right to reign. Then there's her zombie army and giant wolf to deal with. Bottom line, she has the facts and power to back up her words. Was anyone else worried when she started fighting Surtur and it looked like she might win? I know I was. She is the definition of unstoppable (sorry not sorry Captain Marvel). 

~ Number Four ~
Infinity War (2018), Endgame (2019)


Never have I hated a villain more than Thanos. Never. This big grape dominated the last two Avengers movies as the bid bad, a force not seen before. He, too, hatched his plot over the course of years, obssesively searching for the Infinity Stones. And he succeeded. Then made sure to follow up and destroy the Stones after his task was complete. I have to say, it was glorious to see him killed twice. He can hold his own against any hero, and is smart by way of experience, careful not to underestimate his enemies lest he fall short of his goal. Of course, like any villain, he creates a lie, one he believes himself. That life must die for the rest to survive. It's almost sickeningly possible on the surface, but give it thirty seconds of thought and you can see through it. Point being, he succeeded once, and was very close to achieving his goal a second time around.

~ Number Three ~
Spider- Man: Homecoming (2017)

Does Michael Keaton need any more of a reason to make the top three than just to show up? The answer is no. While best known for his role as Batman, I personally think he makes an even better villain. His origin story is basically the government took over the job his small company was supposed to be doing. Fast forward and he's a black market arms dealer. But that wasn't enough. He had to be extra and make mechanized wings and claws for himself (which are the coolest looking wings ever). Once he becomes rich, he wants to make sure and stay there, for his family. That means he's not above robbing Tony Stark (and he would have gotten away with it), or killing a kid by luring him into a building and proceeding to drop it on him. Had his empire grown beyond that of the east coast, he probably would have put Hydra out of business or taken over the whole sect altogether. 

~ Number Two ~
Thor (2011), Avengers (2012)


How can you make a villains list and not include Loki? While he's redeemed himself to hero status, and is the heart throb of the MCU, let's never forget his villainous roots. In hindsight, he's not too terribly threatening, as he'd as soon as run from a fight as start one, but it's Tom Hiddleston's performance that makes him so great. Unlike the others on this list, his motives are petty and extra. I'm adopted? Better commit genocide. My older brother foiled my plans? Better invade a small planet. He is also unbelievably extra, with his helmet and whole getup. But the real ace up his sleeve is his talent for misdirection, able to sidestep others with relative ease, as he usurped Odin twice. Except Thanos, it would seem. Here's to the alternate 2012 Loki who is somewhere out there causing mischief. 

~ Number One ~
The Green Goblin
Spider- Man (2002)


To anyone and everyone who has seen this movie, you will know exactly why this is the number one spot, and it is unlikely to be changed. Willem Defoe's portrayal of this classic villain gave me nightmares when I was five. Fast forward fifteen years and he still haunts me whenever I watch it. And it's not the mask (which is its own level of terrifying), but the crazed and deranged conversations Osborn has with himself in the mirror and with his mask. Somehow, Defoe alternates between a cowering mental case afraid of his reflection and the monster with a snarling voice. And the truly scary part is that both sides love to toy with people like a cat. But what always gets me is the fact that, during the movie, you think the monster in his head has taken over, controlling Osborn. Until he lures Peter Parker into a death trap by only pretending to be controlled. Also, he has the best evil laugh ever to be heard onscreen. It truly sends chills down your spine. 

What do you think of my list? Have your own favorite Marvel villains? If so, comment below or use this format and make one of your own. Please reference back to me if you do! Make sure to comment who you want to see in the House Special as well!

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