Top Ten Standalone Novels

Top Ten Standalone Novels

A well- loved series is all well and good, but do you ever have one of those days where reading five books or more just seems too long? I know I've had plenty of those days, and I'm here to give you my top ten favorite novels that can stand by themselves. Any books from a series or trilogy doesn't count; however, duologies are fair game. You can find links to the books in their titles. Enjoy!

~ Number Ten ~
by Frank Baum


Not only is this one of the most iconic movies of all time, but also one of the most popular books.I first picked it up when I was around twelve or so, and since has become very worn with all the readings I've gotten out of it. I assume most, if not all of you, know the story, but if you don't, I suggest reading the book first. No spoilers, but it is incredibly rich and vibrant, adding far more depth than the movie, and brings me a sense of great comfort and the feeling of home. It also paints a not- so- terrifying picture of twisters. 

~ Number Nine ~
by Michael Crichton 


Also one of the most iconic movies ever made, the famed dinosaur story was a book first. I will note that it is part of a duology, with The Lost World making up the second book. I've read it a few times, and it is utterly staggering how much thought and detail Crichton out into it, right down to the science of cloning. If you've seen the movie (which is one of the best book- to- movie adaptions ever made), and you need more incentive to read it, just know it contains more T- Rex, more raptors, and more action than the movie had time to produce. It's an amazingly fun ride. I will warn that it does have a higher body count than the movie, so read at your own risk. 

~ Number Eight ~
by S. E. Hinton

This book is all kinds of rich, in detail, character, heart, and plot. It's a story about a boy gang in the 60's, growing up poor. Interestingly enough, the author is female, and actually writes from experience from when she was young. It's a classic tale, spawning the now classic movie. It's extremely realistic and therefore a little depressing, but it's so beautiful and full richness it will make you long for more. Sadly, there's no sequel, which I would have loved to see. I highly recommend it to literally anyone, whether teens or adults. You will fall in love and never let go. 

~ Number Seven ~
by Jaleigh Johnson

I've lost count how many times I've read this one. If the gorgeous cover isn't enough to get you reading, the first few pages will. Are you looking for an original fantasy world, with a magic system different than you've seen before? This is definitely for you. The worlds and magic within set themselves apart from any other fantasy story, taking you on adventures and places you wish were real. It also contains one of the best written female leads ever, which is saying a lot, considering the heavy conditions our society has set. I celebrate the day this book gets a well- deserved sequel, but the author has clearly said she doesn't intend to write one. 

~ Number Six ~
by Veronica Rossi


The second duology to make the list, Riders had every opportunity to make a fantastic series. Instead, Rossi kept it realistic in where time actually makes a differrence, and manages to create a fast- paced world with a beginning, middle, and end that doesn't seem to rushed. The book gives a fresh take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, where the Horsemen are now the heroes. I was honestly skeptical at first, with it being just one of two books, but the more I read, the more I enjoyed it. One of the best parts is that you get to pick your favorites, as each Horseman is given his own story and background.

~ Number Five ~
by Ginny Rorby

If you're thinking, "What on earth is this?" I don't blame you. I just so happened to pick this book up in a tiny shop near my hometown when I was in my early teens. Looking at it, and just by reading the description, it seems innocent enough. But I was beyond wrong. It tells the story of a young girl whose father comes home from Iraq, an amputee and suffering from PTSD. It's a realistic and eye- opening look into the effects of PTSD, and what it does to those around you. It is beautiful, real, and moving, and I recommend it to anyone, especially young teens and adults. Do not let the easy format fool you. 

~ Number Four ~
by Marissa Meyer


Really, it doesn't need anymore of an excuse to be read for the sole fact that it's the story of the famed Queen of Hearts. As an avid Disney fan, it's an absolute must read. I also recommend if you've just heard the name Queen of Hearts. The book takes you on a proper roller coaster ride that is the madness of Wonderland, with such vivid descriptions that will make the colors and characters pop right off the page and into your room and invite you to a tea party or croquet match. It also doubles as a love story, of those I don't read often, but I ate up every word of it. 

~ Number Three ~
by James Patterson

We've now moved into the top three. I will say up front that Zoo is an adult novel, and can get pretty violent. I'm always cautious when it comes to the adult section, but I was able to read it cover to cover without a problem. And what a fantastic read it turned out to be. It's a thriller for sure, having you wonder what's going to happen next. Patterson asks a fairly simple question: What if animals turned on us? The answer, and by extension the plot, will leave you wondering if humanity will tip off the very thin edge on which society as we know it rests. It's so immersive that I had to ask myself, "What if that were me?". 

~ Number Two ~
by Ellen Raskin


Don't let anyone tell you children's books aren't some of the best ever written. Throw a bunch of characters with wildly conflicting personalities into the same apartment building, and you get comedy. Mix in a murder and the fact that they're all in the same will and you get the hilariously confusing tale that is this book. Published in 1978, so I've met a lot of people who have read it. If you have not, and want to take a break from the angst and heartache that can be generally any book, pick this up and read it. You will fill wholly satisfied. 

~ Number One ~
by David Clement- Davies


And coming in as the best of the best is probably a book you haven't heard of until now. If you have, ans haven't read it, do so now. I honestly was very hesitant to pick it up and read it, since it is kind of long, but well worth taking a crack at. This story is what would happen if The Lion King and Bambi ever collided. And the result is beautiful. Within the span of one book, it manages to tell the entire life story of the main characters, and that's with alternating POV. The ending will have you pumping our arms and cheering. Or, if you're like me, you'll be doing to on the inside. It's a tale of good and evil that does not disappoint. 

Ready to start reading again? Do you have some more to add to your list of "to read"? What are some of your favorite standalone novels? If you like, you can use this format and please link it back to me! If you want to see a specific character in the upcoming House Special, comment below!



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