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House Special: February 2020

House Special: February 2020 It's that time of month again! Time to break out that old Sorting Hat and figure out which ten lucky fictional characters go where. There are SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you see a familiar name but haven't quite gotten into the book/ show/ movie yet, you might not want to read that section. Are you ready? Here we go! ~ Number Ten ~ Sam Winchester Supernatural House: Slytherin                                    At first glance, the youngest Winchester brother might seem like a Hufflepuff, or even a bookish Ravenclaw, what with all the research he does. But I beg to differ. Sam is as cunning as they come in Slytherin, willing to do whatever means necessary to accomplish a goal. He can also talk or charm his way out of most situations. Dean may be more straightforward and blunt, but Sam is far more subtle in pretty much everything, from taking care of his brother to finessing information out of someone. He's an invaluable a

Top Ten Kisses

Top Ten Kisses True love's kiss, the most powerful thing in the world. That philosophy stretches through multiple fandoms and is true in every single one. Of course, there's true love itself, but what better way to express your love for your soulmate than with a kiss? For this week's list, I'm listing the best kisses throughout books, movies, and television. They aren't necessarily my favorite couples; see my last list for that. They're just ones that I think truly portray love. And there ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. Read at your own risk. ~ Number Ten ~ Dastan and Tamina Prince of Persia (2010)                                   "Is that concern, princess?" "Caution" "With a sprinkle of concern?" ~ Dastan and Tamina So maybe this isn't the most popular Disney movie made, but goodness if it isn't one of the best live action movies they've made. This prince and princess cover the classic trope

Top Ten Couples

Top Ten Couples It's February! Which means it's all about Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, or however you choose to celebrate love this month. For the entire month, you get three posts all about love, couples, and all those fuzzy feels. Below is a list of my favorite couples from fiction, be it a movie, television, or book. Some will even have links to fan- made videos about the couples. And there WILL be spoilers ahead. ~ Number Ten ~ Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation Everyone knows about the Office, and the relationship surrounding Jim and Pam; but they seem to overshadow a similar series with one of the best romances ever written. Leslie is the headstrong, optimistic, leading lady of the show, and an accurate representation of women in general. Ben is, as they say, a "human disaster", and it makes him very relatable and adorable. There's not a huge amount of drama involving their relationship, or a long, drawn- out ph