House Special: February 2020

House Special: February 2020

It's that time of month again! Time to break out that old Sorting Hat and figure out which ten lucky fictional characters go where. There are SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you see a familiar name but haven't quite gotten into the book/ show/ movie yet, you might not want to read that section. Are you ready? Here we go!

~ Number Ten ~
Sam Winchester
House: Slytherin


At first glance, the youngest Winchester brother might seem like a Hufflepuff, or even a bookish Ravenclaw, what with all the research he does. But I beg to differ. Sam is as cunning as they come in Slytherin, willing to do whatever means necessary to accomplish a goal. He can also talk or charm his way out of most situations. Dean may be more straightforward and blunt, but Sam is far more subtle in pretty much everything, from taking care of his brother to finessing information out of someone. He's an invaluable ally and a deadly enemy. 

~ Number Nine ~
Alice in Wonderland
House: Gryffindor

Just to be clear, I'm talking about the book version. The Disney adaption is all well and good, but the book is all that, hyped up on steroids, and then some. The main character, who everyone should be familiar with, is Alice, a young girl who not only dares wander Wonderland instead of having a mental breakdown, but also manages to tell off pretty much everyone she comes across. Now that takes Gryffindor guts. She embodies the reckless, "let's try this anyway" attitude that lands her squarely in this house. 

~ Number Eight ~
King Jaron
The False Prince trilogy
House: Slytherin


This is in honor of Bella, over at Wanderlust and Story Dust. She's a huge fan of these books (personally, I don't see the appeal), and forced me to read them. Anyway, Jaron is one of those characters that you can't question what house the belong in. Jaron is cunning, ambitious, proud, and charming (in his own way, I guess), which is literally the definition of Slytherin. I feel he'd be one to use the excuse "Well, I'm a king" for everything and the argument would be over, at least in his eyes. 

~ Number Seven ~
Dana Scully
The X- Files
House: Ravenclaw


This list wouldn't be complete without Mulder's counterpart, as he appeared in last month's Special. Scully is vastly different in many ways, but what lands her in this house is her drive to base everything on science and logic. She does not believe in the extraterrestrial or supernatural, letting her experiences guide her paths. There's also the fact that she's a medical doctor, writes up detailed reports for the FBI, can explain nearly everything with science, and can even speak German. Ravenclaw is the house of wisdom and mind, and if that's not her, I don't know what is. 

~ Number Six ~
Lucy Pevensie
The Chronicles of Narnia
House: Gryffindor


One of the most iconic and lovable heroines of literature, a young Lucy dared venture into Narnia even when her older siblings told her it was impossible. This was the nine- year- old girl that stood against the fearsome White Witch and became a Queen, ruling an entire country. Heck, even Aslan says, ".. if you were any braver, you'd be a lioness." Gryffindor's primary traits are boldness and bravery, and it's even better that the emblem is a lion. Even after returning to Narnia twice, she continues to live up to her name as Queen Lucy. 

~ Number Five ~
Sherlock Holmes
House: Slytherin


Ravenclaw or Slytherin? It's not easy to pin down one of the smartest characters in the entire fictional universe. For one, Sherlock processes information faster than a computer, and bases his deductions off of facts and logic. However, I must say that even the most basic Ravenclaw would know that the Earth rotates around the sun. Sherlock does not conform to society's mold, and he doesn't care. He loves to boast about his genius, and is able to outwit the most dastardly of enemies. Still, there's significant argument for Ravenclaw, so I'm open to debate if you comment below. 

~ Number Four ~
Snow White
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
House: Hufflepuff


I love the Disney movies, and, by extension, the Disney princesses. Snow White was the first princess in the lineup, and is, to date, one of the sweetest, kindest characters in fiction. She hardly ever thinks of herself, and tries her best to keep a cheerful demeanor and make the world a better place through kindness. Hufflepuffs are also known for their work ethic. This princess knows how to work, from cleaning a castle to deep- cleaning a cottage. 

~ Number Three ~
Vash the Stampede
House: Hufflepuff


Vash the Stampede is the outlaw from the 90's anime Trigun, and is a pure delight to both the other characters on the show and the audience. He's a gunslinger, and is rumored to have laid waste to entire towns. In actuality, he's the exact opposite. His main concern is for everyone and everything around him, and he's only killed one person because he absolutely had to. Let the man make the world a better place in peace!

~ Number Two ~
Temeraire series
House: Ravenclaw


Temeraire is the black war dragon from the book series from the same name. He is very intelligent, able to speak several languages, write poetry, read, and solve difficult problems. And that's just scratching the surface of what he can do. The reason he's placed in Ravenclaw is that he's constantly asking questions, constantly. He's curious about his world, and how he can make it better, specifically for making the world a better place for dragonkind. Did I mention that he has a profound love for reading and writing, despite being a massive dragon with claws? His human companion always reads to him and it's the sweetest thing. 

~ Number One ~
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
House: Gryffindor


Does it matter if I'm talking about the movies or the books? Absolutely not. Aragorn is perfect in both versions, and also pulls ridiculous stunts in both. He radiates Gryffindor energy, from his bold ascension to claim his rightful throne to his wholehearted fighting style. He's also not afraid to show his emotions, from laughing to crying. Also, you have to be bold to even dare marry an elf princess who's the daughter of you're ancient, powerful step- dad. 

Another House Special wrapped up. Do you agree with my choices? Think someone goes in a different House? Comment below, as well as if you would like to see a specific character for next month!



  1. YES YOU DID JARON!!!!!! (fangirl fluffies return) He definitely is a Slytherin, he's quite cunning. And yes, he is very charming indeed, no two ways about it ;)


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