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House Special: March 2020

House Special: March 2020 Star Trek Edition First ever special edition of the House Special! Like it says above, this month's House sorting will be all about Star Trek characters near and dear to me across the franchise. Primarily, this will feature the Captains and their ever loyal first officers. If you want to remain spoiler free for a certain series, I'd advise skipping that particular character, as there may be SPOILERS in that pick. Now, as Picard would say, "Engage!" ~ Number Ten ~ Captain James T. Kirk Original Series House: Gryffindor                                   It's as easy as it seems to decide which House the original captain goes into. He possesses all sorts of traits which could put him pretty much anywhere. But, ultimately, I think his bravado, and the fact that he's literally on a mission of exploration and contact, lands him squarely in Gryffindor. Yes, he's willing to give everyone the benefit of the do

Top Ten Female Villains

Top Ten Female Villains As a follow up to my last post, I am now showing you my ten picks for female villains. Can you make them fabulous and evil? I say absolutely. There are SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you see something you want to read or watch, skip it. Now, on with the list! ~ Number Ten ~ Dolores Umbridge The Harry Potter series                                   The only reason this pick isn't higher up on the list is because she's just so awful. Everyone whose ever read the books or watched the movies can all agree on one thing: That Umbridge is pure, concentrated evil and deserves death more than Voldemort. But I will not give her any more satisfaction than being higher on this list.  ~ Number Nine ~ Hela Thor: Ragnarok Antlers. Knives. Green. A thirst to rule the world (or universe). She screams classic villain, and that's OK. She conquered worlds alongside her father, survived being locked up for thousands of years, then returne

Top Ten Women in Fiction

Top Ten Women in Fiction They're beautiful, kick- butt, and have developed personalities and stories of their own. Welcome to another Top Ten list to kick off March (and in honor of International Women's Day). Personally, it's hard to find likable women in fiction that fit all three categories above. So, I've decided to celebrate the ones that do. If you see a name and want to stay spoiler free, then don't read that section. As a side note, these will all be heroines, no villains, as that's a different list for a different day. Now that the warnings and rules are out of the way, here we go! ~ Number Ten ~ Yumeko Shadow of the Fox trilogy                                    Yumeko is the half- girl, half kitsune (magic fox) of one of the best trilogies I've read to date. Being half- fox, she's very mischievious, but doesn't want to see innocents harmed by her power. As time goes on, she developes her powers and embraces that sid