Top Ten Women in Fiction

Top Ten Women in Fiction

They're beautiful, kick- butt, and have developed personalities and stories of their own. Welcome to another Top Ten list to kick off March (and in honor of International Women's Day). Personally, it's hard to find likable women in fiction that fit all three categories above. So, I've decided to celebrate the ones that do. If you see a name and want to stay spoiler free, then don't read that section. As a side note, these will all be heroines, no villains, as that's a different list for a different day. Now that the warnings and rules are out of the way, here we go!

~ Number Ten ~
Shadow of the Fox trilogy


Yumeko is the half- girl, half kitsune (magic fox) of one of the best trilogies I've read to date. Being half- fox, she's very mischievious, but doesn't want to see innocents harmed by her power. As time goes on, she developes her powers and embraces that side of her. She also believes in love, herself falling in love with a demon slayer, and being so innocent and naive about the world around her that it's not only endearing but refreshing. Unlike a lot of female heroes, she doesn't push her friends away; rather, she loves keeping them close and making as many as possible. 

~ Number Nine ~
Mrs. Hudson

Who ever said you have to be young to be awesome? Hopefully nobody, because Mrs. Hudson defies that statement and all pre- conceived notions abut her character. On the surface, she's an innocent old lady trying to keep her renters (Sherlock) from destroying her flat and their health. Turns out, she doesn't take crap from anyone, be it Sherlock or the head of Scotland Yard. She used to be part of her ex- husband's drug ring, owns an expensive sports car (which she drives recklessly), and has no qualms about throwing someone into the trunk of said car to straighten them out. She's definitely #lifegoals. 

~ Number Eight ~
Nyota Uhura
Star Trek: Original Series franchise

One of the most radical things a TV show in the 60's could do was make an African American woman a leading, recurring character. Uhura is the communications officer of the Enterprise bridge. She's very feminine, but also very tough. Throughout the whole franchise, at least when Nichelle Nichols was portraying her, she never entered into any romantic relationships, and had plenty of screen time in both the movies and the shows. At one point, a character in an episode made this comment: ".. your fighting spirit rivals that of the Captain's." Considering that Captain Kirk is famed for his fighting spirit goes to show you how awesome she is.

~ Number Seven ~
The Lord of the Rings trilogy


Does this pick need any further explanation? Probably not, but let me explain anyway. Eowyn id described as the shield maiden of Rohan, and nobody seems to care that she's a woman, really. She disguises herself as a man, and then proceeds to kill the Witch King, aka the most powerful wraith in Sauron's army. Her line "I am no man", is volumes of epic. There's also almost an entire chapter dedicated to her fate of what happened after she killed the King, including falling in love with Faramir and deciding to become a healer, but to not lay down her sword entirely. Tolkien knew how to write quality characters, especially the females. 

~ Number Six ~
Rose Dawson


While Rose is a little annoying at first, she begins to change as the story progresses, and we see a little more about why she did what she did in the beginning. She's a young woman thrust into a loveless, abusive engagement with no where to run on a ship at sea. However, she ends up fighting back, breaking from the mold of being a "proper" lady. She manages to rescue Jack, going so far as to punch a man and grab an axe. Also, there's the mere fact she managed to survive the sinking and kept from freezing to death. She also kept her promise and lived a full life, having adventures, getting married and having kids before dying at a ripe- old age. 

~ Number Five ~
The Matrix

For this pick, I'm keeping it strictly for the first movie. Trinity is one of the women who's been freed from the Matrix's control as lives freely. She wants to see humanity freed as well from the machine's grip, and is willing to push her mental limits within the computer world. She has a fight scene in the opening scene, showcasing some of her abilities. She's also known as a hacker within the computer world, and pretty much saves Neo in the end by declaring her love for him and staying by his side. If that's not enough, have you seen her awesome black getup? 

~ Number Four ~
Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman


If I were to choose a woman celebrity to look like, it would be Gal Gadot. I wouldn't mind being her either. She's got super strength, incredible reflexes, a moral compass that doesn't waver once, undying hope in humanity, and a killer arsenal of weapons. I mean, how can you not love her. She's a showstopper on every level, commanding a room simply by walking into it. And the no- man's land scene in its entirety is art, because she is not a man, rallied and army, and accomplished in minutes what the soldiers couldn't do in months. 

~ Number Three ~
Guardians of the Galaxy

To be completely honest, the MCU does not have a lot of likable female leads, at least in my opinion. They don't seem to have much character outside of "I'm strong and can fight and punch stuff". Gamora is one of a few exceptions. She actually is allowed to be soft and caring and show emotions as the movies go on. She opens up to her sister Nebula, confesses her love to Peter Quill, and admits to having an abusive relationship with her so- called father Thanos. But the writers just couldn't let her have a happy ending, and I will forever be bitter about it. 

~ Number Two ~
Dana Scully
The X- Files


Dana Scully, or Scully. Where do I even start? For one, she works at the FBI going on all kinds of strange and dangerous investigations that would leave sane people blubbering in asylums for life. Her gender is never brought into question, or doubts on whether she's capable. She's also a medical doctor, and has extensive knowledge of all kinds of sciences. She can also speak a little bit of German, and can hold her own in a fight. She never backs down on her views or beliefs, and somehow manages to keep the eccentric Mulder planted in reality. 

~ Number One ~
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek: Voyager


My all- time favorite woman in fiction is yet another 90's icon, the first female captain (as a main character) in Star Trek. I've only seen the first season but I love her. She's everything a captain should be: brave, intelligent, and compassionate. But I find her situation the most telling of her character. She's stranded years from home with no help from Starfleet, and must make descisions on whether to hold fast to her beliefs or sacrifice those beliefs in order to get home. Not suprisingly, she makes the tough call and refuses to sacrifice who she is just to make things easier. You go girl, never change. 

~ Bonus ~
"Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so."
-Elastagirl, The Incredibles

Introducing the bonus round! This is my favorite line spoken by a female character that resounds with me. This line isn't extremely remarkable, I guess, but ten- year- old me went all wide- eyed with wonder when she said this. I didn't know what I was feeling but it felt like, "Yes. So much yes."

What do you think of my picks? Have your own? I would love to find out! Comment below! Don't forget to comment of you want to see a certain character in this month's House Special!



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