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House Special: April 2020

House Special: April 2020 As the month draw to a close, it's time for another House Special to wrap it up. Before we get started, I would like to announce that next month will be completely Sherlock themed, and I will be collaborating with Ms. Woodhouse over at Notes from a Heartfield Girl. We will have several different lists where you can create your own top ten and share your opinions. For this post, the same SPOILER warnings still apply. Now, on to today's Special! ~ Number Ten ~ Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games trilogy House: Slytherin                                    The heroine of my favorite YA series is a tough one to crack, in all senses. Katniss was the final push people needed to sand up and rebel, and she accidentally became a symbol for that rebellion. But there's two things she's great at, that keep her alive and are solid Slytherin traits: willing to throw away everything for her sister, and building up convincing lies. I

Top Ten Characters Made of Sunshine

Top Ten Characters Made of Sunshine I know the definition above is a bit vague, I think you all have a general idea of what this means. I'm talking about characters that are too pure and precious for the cruel world that makes them suffer. These are the characters that can cheer you up in pretty much any situation, which I believe we could all use right now. There are SPOILERS AHEAD for mentioned characters. You have been warned!  ~ Number Ten ~ Charlie Pace Lost                                    Lost was the extremely popular TV show in the early 2000's, one of which I started and never finished because it was so bizarre and I just lost interest. However, the colorful cast of characters adds a lot of layers to it, and that includes Charlie, former guitarist for a band and ex- drug addict. He doesn't come from a good place, but that's exactly why he's here. He genuinely regrets and admits he makes mistakes, and tries to fix them. He manages

Top Ten Dragons

Top Ten Dragons These great beasts are a staple of fiction, and have been for a long, long time. The term dragon is even used in the Bible, albeit not to describe the winged fire breathers we've come to know. Some are intelligent and benevolent, while others are simple tools of grand destruction. There are going to be SPOILERS mentioned with each pick, so tread carefully. If you want to see some of these dragons in action, click the link! This list will be my ten favorite dragons from movies, TV, and books. Read on! ~ Number Ten ~ Dragonstorm Transformers: The Last Knight  Made up of several different Transformer Knights and possessing three heads, you do not want to face this dragon down in a battle. He is made entirely of metal, and absolutely huge in size, with intimidating horns thrusting out from its heads. Its presence showing up pretty much means a sure victory for the good side, able to wipe out entire armies in nearly a single blow. Also, his gorgeou

Top Ten Dramatic Entrances

Top Ten Dramatic Entrances I'm hoping April will be the better month of 2020 so far, so let's start with a bang! For this list, I'm picking my top ten entrances in movies, since I wanted to narrow it down a bit. By entrances, I just mean a character, or characters, making a scene as they show up on screen. And it doesn't necessarily mean we are seeing them for the first time. As always, I'm issuing a SPOILER WARNING. If, however, you would like to view the scenes mentioned below, click the highlighted link! Now, let's get on with the show! ~ Number Ten ~ Klaatu The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)                                   While he may not be the flashiest pick, or the most fashion conscious, Klaatu still knows how to make his arrival to Earth a memorable one. First off, the people of Earth know he's coming, and a massive crowd greets him in D. C. when he lands. There's also the military to contend with. He comes out of his s