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House Special: May 2020

House Special: May 2020 Hello readers! To wrap up this month's blog party, here's my House Special: Sherlock edition! I'll be taking ten characters from Sherlock and sorting them, even if I've done them on another Special. Remember to comment below. Also, at the end of this post you will see a list of everyone who participated in this month's party! ~ Number Ten ~ Sherlock Holmes House: Ravenclaw In February's House Special, I sorted Sherlock into Ravenclaw, though I was very split on the decision. Yet, I think I will stand by my choice this round. Ravenclaw is defined by their intellect, wisdom, and curiosity, all of which define Sherlock pretty well. He literally lives and breathes hundreds of kinds of information all at once, and reads all kinds of books and internet pages. However, he's also the type of person that will fail his basic classes because he found them to be too boring, or not bother to study at all. It's one extreme to th

Top Ten Sherlolly Moments

Top Ten Sherlolly Moments Sherlolly. Definition: In which Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper should totally be a couple. It's no secret that I absolutely love these two, and they made it onto both my Top Ten Couples list and Top Ten Kisses list. I believe there's a lot of chemistry between them and a lot of material to work with. If you haven't seen Sherlock , go and watch it right now to avoid SPOILERS. I also want to add a disclaimer, in order to not start a ship war during this party, that this ship is my opinion, and not fact. If you're a fellow Sherlolly shipper, read on! ~ Number Ten ~ Texting at the Baptism Season 4: The Six Thatchers                                    Sherlock can often be a... distracted individual. And that's putting it mildly. If he thinks something is better than the current situation, he will ignore that situation entirely for something "better", even if it's for little Rosie Watson's baptism. M

Top Ten John Watson Moments

Top Ten John Watson Moments Soldier. Doctor. Friend. Husband. Father. Blogger. All around awesome. It's no secret that John is my favorite character from Sherlock, the TV show. His story is a beautifully tragic one and I am here to pick out the best ten moments where John really shines. I'm not sure ten is even enough to cover him on how amazing he is, but, alas, there's not enough time or love in the world for him. There are major SPOILERS ahead, so I suggest not reading on if you haven't seen the show yet. ~ Number Ten ~ A Strange Encounter Season 1: A Study in Pink                               In the very first episode of Sherlock, we actually meet John first, and then meet the rest as he does, which is an interesting perspective. He's a veteran coming back from war looking to start his life again. After he meets Sherlock, and is trying to walk back home, he gets a strange phone call from a few different phone booths, then decides it's

Tag of Ten: Sherlock Blog Party 2020

A Tag of Ten: Sherlock Blog Party 2020 As you might know, Miss Woodhouse and I are hosting a Sherlock themed blog party for the entirety of May, and are inviting all you lovelies to join in! Together, we have come up with a fun tag of ten questions... "Would You Rather" edition! I will post the ten scenarios below, which you can then use in your own blog. Make sure to comment and let us know you're doing it, as we will recap the month with a list of those who participated. I'm really excited about this and doubly excited to find other Sherlock fans. The game is on! ~ A Tag of Ten ~ Would You Rather.... 1. Spend a day with Sherlock or John? 2. Watch the first episode or last episode? 3. Have Sherlock's mind or John's compassion? 4. Work with Molly or Lestrade? 5. Face off against Moriarty or Magnussen? 6. Be best friends with Molly or Mary? 7. Prevent the events of The Recheinbach Fall or The Six Thatchers? 8.