Top Ten Sherlolly Moments

Top Ten Sherlolly Moments

Sherlolly. Definition: In which Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper should totally be a couple. It's no secret that I absolutely love these two, and they made it onto both my Top Ten Couples list and Top Ten Kisses list. I believe there's a lot of chemistry between them and a lot of material to work with. If you haven't seen Sherlock, go and watch it right now to avoid SPOILERS. I also want to add a disclaimer, in order to not start a ship war during this party, that this ship is my opinion, and not fact. If you're a fellow Sherlolly shipper, read on!

~ Number Ten ~
Texting at the Baptism
Season 4: The Six Thatchers


Sherlock can often be a... distracted individual. And that's putting it mildly. If he thinks something is better than the current situation, he will ignore that situation entirely for something "better", even if it's for little Rosie Watson's baptism. Molly attended, of course, and made sure he paid attention to the ceremony by getting him to stop texting. It's a very small moment but definitely worth mentioning, just because it's something a couple would do. They're not even together but they sure act like it

~ Number Nine ~
Leaving the wedding
Season 3: The Sign of Three

Everyone attended the Watson wedding. Sherlock was the best man, gave an incredible speech, and played the violin for the happy couple's first dance. He even had a potential date for the evening. Yet he left the reception early. While everyone was partying and having a good time, it was Molly who noticed him leaving, noticed he felt out of place in the social setting. Even though she was engaged to someone else, she kept an eye on Sherlock. 

~ Number Eight ~
Missing Ring
Season 3: His Last Vow


No one can get Sherlock to apologize quite like Molly. After hopping himself up on drugs, Molly lets him know exactly what she thinks of it, by slapping him across the face and ordering him to apologize to his loved ones. But the one stand out thing in this scene is that Sherlock makes note that she broke off the engagement. Of all things he could have said in that moment, he chose that. Because Molly can't marry a man she doesn't love, and she won't. And Sherlock himself doesn't seem disappointed she broke it off either. 

~ Number Seven ~
Season 3: The Empty Hearse

This one is so fast, you might miss it the first time around, but to me, it makes a huge statement. When Sherlock returns to London after being gone for two years, he doesn't immediately go to John and reveal he actually faked his death. Instead, he actually goes to see Molly first, someone who knew he was very much alive, having helped him stage the whole thing somehow. I think that speaks volumes about how he feels about her. After all, actions speak louder than words. 

~ Number Six ~
Season 3: The Empty Hearse


So, John may need some time to cool down before he's ready to team up with Sherlock again for a case, and rightly so. So, Sherlock calls in Molly to help him out. What I love so much about this partnership is that Sherlock does not treat her as an assistant, like he did in the first season, but as an equal. She actually has a lot of useful input regarding trains in the case they end up working on, and they both get really excited about it, with Sherlock actually grinning at her. It's so fantastic. 

~ Number Five ~
Just be yourself
Season 3: The Empty Hearse


Piggybacking off my last pick, I want to rewind to the beginning of that case, in which Molly tries to act like John would, because she feels that's what Sherlock wants. However, he flippantly tells her to just be herself. It's a beautiful moment because you can see the happiness that briefly crosses Molly's face, and the fact that Sherlock just wants her. He doesn't want someone mimicking whatever John would do, but instead acting herself, instead of telling her how to act. 

~ Number Four ~
The person that mattered the most
Season 2: Recheinbach Fall

OK, so these next picks are my all time favorite. This episode brings many things to light, including how Sherlock and Molly see each other. Molly notices the small things with Sherlock, and thinks she doesn't count. It's heartbreaking to watch, and I think Sherlock thought the same thing, because next thing you know, he meets up with her in private with a speech about how Moriarty ignored the person who counts the most to Sherlock: Molly. Cue the feels because that is one of the best, passive confessions ever. 

~ Number Three ~
The engagement
Season 3: The Empty Hearse


And now we can wrap up Sherlock and Molly's time as an investigative team. What stands out about this moment is that it's so sweet and tender. There's no threat looming over them, no one trying to kill anyone. It's just the two of them, as if there's no one else. Sherlock notes that she's engaged now in the years he's been gone, and apparently thinks that now would be a good time to make a subtle move. He ends up leaning in and kissing her on the cheek, and then looking very sad. It's completely genuine, and one of the most solid proofs of their feelings towards one another. 

~ Number Two ~
The Kiss
Season 3: The Empty Hearse


Season three started off great. Probably the best start of any season of the show. It shows a possible version of how Sherlock faked his death, which includes he ever iconic kiss between him and Molly. While it may not have been real, I think it brings the chemistry they have together to the forefront. Besides, I wouldn't put it past Sherlock to actually be that dramatic, and then literally leave her hanging like that, so at least it's plausible. Whatever the case, I absolutely love that scene between them and was very close to being my favorite, but, if you've read this far, you can probably guess what's going to be number one. 

~ Number One ~
I Love You
Season 4: The Final Problem

For my number one pick, this is probably the best thing to come out of the last episode. Sherlock does not beg for things, or admit to his emotions very well. Yet here, he's pushed to the edge and winds up doing both. It's a very tense moment, where he pretty much ends up panicking because Molly won't say those three little words. Sherlock ends up saying it three times, and the last one is so unbelievably genuine it nearly breaks my shipper heart. They're both practically in tears, with Molly actually crying, but they both end u saying it, truly, really. I'm just mad we never got the aftermath to that whole situation, since I'm sure Molly may have never wanted to speak to Sherlock again after that, but at the end of the episode, she's seen smiling while walking into the flat. So, what happened?

Are you a fellow Sherlolly shipper? What are some of your favorite moments between the two of them? Comment below! Also, head over to my Written Works page if you would like to read a sweet Sherlolly story written by yours truly. 



  1. This was great!! I truly wish Sherlock and Molly could have ended up together. The I Love You scene was so emotional and I completely agree. I wondered about that quick turn around for Molly. Who knows? Maybe in the future if we get a reunion episode, then we may find out.


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