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House Special: June 2020

House Special: June 2020 In keeping with the general theme of this month, this House Special will be entirely dedicated to Disney Pixar characters! Obviously, I can't get around to every single one, so I'm going to try and spread out as much as possible across the films. And there will be some SPOILERS ahead. Adventure is out there, everyone! Enjoy! ~ Number Ten ~ Mike Wazowski Monster's, Inc. and Monsters University House: Slytherin As requested by Movies Meet Their Match , I will start off with the infamous duo of Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. Mike may not get a whole lot of screen time in the first film, but the prequel film gave us more insight into his character. And that's why he's in Slytherin. He actually has ambition in life, and he will do next to anything to get there. Even when it all falls apart, that doesn't stop him from pushing his friend as much as possible and craving success. He also sticks by his own, through th

Top Ten Artemis Fowl Moments

Top Ten Artemis Fowl Moments How does one describe Artemis Fowl?  This is the opening line of my favorite book series in the world. Yes, I have a favorite. Before I get any farther, this post is rife with SPOILERS from all eight books, so if you haven't read them, a) you need to, and b) read at your own risk. This post is in honor of the film release this month (we won't go into that here), so I'm picking my ten favorite moments from all eight books in the series. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Enjoy! ~ Number Ten ~ Troll Fight Artemis Fowl                                    My first pick comes from the first book in the series, a book I've read nearly a dozen times or more. There are so many fantastic moments in this book, and it could even have been its own standalone novel. Thankfully, it wasn't. However, Eoin Colfer decided to give everyone a good scare by bringing one of the main characters, Butler the bodyguard/ butler, to

Top Ten Pixar Moments

Top Ten Pixar Moments Did you grow up watching Buzz fly, or the Incredibles save the world? I certainly did. Pixar movies were a central part of my childhood, and I still love them to pieces this day. This is my second post for  Movies Meet Their Match  Pixar Blogathon, and I will be listing my favorite moments from all 22 films. If you haven't seen some of these, I will issue a SPOILER warning. ~ Number Ten ~ Door Factory Monster's, Inc. (2001) Figuring out how a world runs by scaring kids is creative enough, but actually figuring out how that system works behind the scenes is definitely going the extra mile. The scene  features all the inner workings of the door factory, like the roller coaster rails and Mike and Sully jumping from door to door in a hilarious montage. The colors and thrill of the whole scene are so fun and creative that I just had to add it. I've always wanted to ride those doors, even if it meant clinging on for dear life a hundred fee

Top Ten Pixar Shorts

Top Ten Pixar Shorts Hello everyone! So, this month's posts are going to be a little different. Instead of posting every week, I'm going to post three times in three days. Why? Because Movies Meet Their Match  is hosting a Pixar Blogathon, and they have asked that we post between June 12th- 14th. Anyone who knows me at all knows I absolutely love anything Disney related, especially the Pixar films. No joke, I literally grew up watching Toy Story 2 every day. For my first post, however, I want to show some love for the equally amazing shorts that always proceed a Pixar film. I will note that these will not include feature- related shorts. Here are my ten favorites, and there are some light SPOILERS ahead.  ~ Number Ten ~ Lava with Inside Out (2015)                                   This short and movie could not be more perfectly matched. Both are all about emotion, and knowing how to tug at your heartstrings. Lava centers around a lonely volcano who si