House Special: June 2020

House Special: June 2020

In keeping with the general theme of this month, this House Special will be entirely dedicated to Disney Pixar characters! Obviously, I can't get around to every single one, so I'm going to try and spread out as much as possible across the films. And there will be some SPOILERS ahead. Adventure is out there, everyone! Enjoy!

~ Number Ten ~
Mike Wazowski
Monster's, Inc. and Monsters University
House: Slytherin

As requested by Movies Meet Their Match, I will start off with the infamous duo of Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. Mike may not get a whole lot of screen time in the first film, but the prequel film gave us more insight into his character. And that's why he's in Slytherin. He actually has ambition in life, and he will do next to anything to get there. Even when it all falls apart, that doesn't stop him from pushing his friend as much as possible and craving success. He also sticks by his own, through thick and thin.

~ Number Nine ~
James P. Sullivan (Sully)
Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University
House: Gryffindor

Don't let his size or fearsome roar fool you. Sully is a lovable bunch of fur, and is pretty much your staple Gryffindor. He doesn't necessarily always do the right thing, but his heart is in the right place, and he is the master of facing his fears and actually overcoming them. The ultimate stroke of courage was being able to let go of the ever adorable Boo for her sake. Are you crying yet?

~ Number Eight ~
House: Ravenclaw

Remy is probably one of the wackiest, most three- dimensional characters Pixar has ever created. He's a rat who dreams of cooking, and, as he puts it, actually creating and adding to the world. That's what art is, and one of the core traits of Ravenclaws (curiosity and intelligence). However, he faces opposition on all sides, from both human and rat. Even when those closest try and make him believe that the future can be nothing more than death and survival, us vs. them, he never stops pursuing that dream. There's a point where he is willing to die for that. Also, for a rat, he's smarter then most humans. 

~ Number Seven ~
Wall- e
House: Gryffindor

She's a sleek, advanced robot that flies with the grace of any falcon, but, like any predatory bird, will juts as soon shoot you as look at you. Eve is an explorer for humanity, tasked with finding life on a desolate Earth. She's somewhat standard at first, until she meets Wall- e, and her world is flipped on its head. She takes every situation thrown at her in stride, and even goes against her superior Auto in order to do what is right. Gryffindors will willingly break any rule for the sake of doing what is right, no matter the consequence to themselves. 

~ Number Six ~
Toy Story series
House: Hufflepuff

Technically, I guess he could fit into almost any House, but the core of this cowboy is looking after others, often at the expense of himself. He is incredibly selfless and loyal, two defining traits of the Hufflepuff. Save for the beginning events of the first film of the series, he never puts himself first. Of course, his reward at the very end is well deserved. When he chooses to become a lost toy with the love of his life, I don't think it's an act of selfishness. Sometimes an act of kindness means looking after your own needs first. 

~ Number Five ~
Finding Nemo and Finding Dory
House: Gryffindor

Everyone's favorite, forgetful fish has definitely made her footprint in society. "Just keep swimming" is a phrase nearly everyone uses, and whenever we see a Blue Tang in an aquarium, we immediately think, "Hey, it's Dory!". She's also made waves with her crazy shenanigans, which nobody outside of the Gryffindor House would probably ever think of pulling. Jump on jellyfish, talk to a whale, drive a truck into the ocean even though she is a fish, these are just some the stunts she's pulled. Gryffindors also have a lot of confidence. Rarely does Dory question herself or her value. 

~ Number Four ~
Merida Dunbroch
House: Slytherin

Fate is the theme of this lesser thought of Pixar film. The only official Princess to come out of the Pixar studios is fiery red head who hates one thing: control. She hates being controlled, she hates not being in control. She wants nothing more than seize the day and be in charge of her own future, and will push any boundary in order to make it happen. Slytherins do not conform to the circumstances and world around them. They have their own set of rules and it is capable of launching them to great heights. As such, I could see Merida becoming a warrior queen, with or without a king ruling by her side. 

~ Number Three ~
Lightning McQueen
Cars trilogy
House: Slytherin

The red race car that sped his way into our hearts over ten years ago (wait, what?!) lands himself a spot in Slytherin House. While he learned some important humility lessons in the first film, he never stopped striving to be the best. He sticks by his own, and has lofty ambitions that he gives his all no matter the cost. Slytherins are also prone to take others like themselves under their wing, to become teachers. This is most prominent in the last film. 

~ Number Two ~
Miguel Rivera
House: Hufflepuff

The protagonist of Coco is actually hard to sort. However, I placed him in Hufflepuff on the account that he knows, ultimately, what is important in life. And it's family. Personally, I hardly know any of my extended family, but Miguel knows every single member. Hufflepuff's are also known as diligent, hard- working people. Miguel, even though music was forbidden in his family, taught himself how to play guitar. Playing any musical instrument with a teacher is hard enough, but teaching yourself is a whole new level of dedication and work. 

~ Number One ~
The Good Dinosaur
House: Gryffindor

This character, and by extension this movie, are extremely overlooked. Personally, I relate to Arlo on every level. I am shy and scared of a lot of things. So, it may seem strange to slot Arlo into Gryffindor given his personality. But sometimes it takes a long time to come into your own (Neville Longbottom, anyone?). He grows as a character over the course of the film, and does indeed become very brave. He also understands the value of earning something by working for it, like earning his mark on the wall. 

Do you agree with my choices? Was there a character that you didn't see? Comment below and I will try to add the character on a different list in the future.



  1. These all matched up perfectly! Mike Wazowski is Slytherin, just perfect.

  2. Thanks for doing Mike and Sully! I was pretty sure that Mike would be a Slytherin, and you said it all perfectly!

    I hadn't thought of EVE as Gryffindor, but it totally works. In fact, I hadn't thought of any of these characters as being sorted into Hogwarts houses, but that's why I love this series that you do! You have such good summaries of all of them.

    Though The Good Dinosaur isn't my favorite Pixar (It's good, but just doesn't pull at my heartstrings as much as the others) Arlo is so relatable

    1. Thank you so much! It’s actually really fun to write but sometimes it’s almost impossible to figure out who goes where.


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