House Special: July 2020

House Special: July 2020

So we are sliding back into the normality of House Specials. The past two or so have all been geared towards a theme or fandom, but I'm taking it back to the good ol' days of utter randomness. Here's your ten characters for the month, with some SPOILERS. Enjoy!

~ Number Ten ~
Natasha Romanoff
The Avengers
House: Slytherin

Aka, the Black Widow herself, part of the original six of the Avengers Team. This one is a little obvious, as she is a spy and assassin. She is calm, collected, charming, and cunning, everything that makes a Slytherin a Slytherin. She has trouble letting people in, for fear they will leave or use her. However, she is fiercely protective of her newfound family and incredibly loyal. She also always adheres to her own code, to what she believes is right. 

~ Number Nine ~
Regina Mills
Once Upon a Time
House: Gryffindor

I initially wanted to lump our favorite evil queen in with the Slytherins, but that isn't doing her justice. For one, throughout the Once Upon a Time series run, it is stated more than once how resilient Regina. And boy, is she ever. The woman has truly been though it all, but has been able to come out on top every time despite all the obstacles thrown her way. Yes, she loves power, but she also has the courage to face herself (literally), and face her past. Woman has guts, and there's a reason she stands tall among all the other characters. 

~ Number Eight ~
Maze Runner trilogy
House: Ravenclaw

Time and again throughout the series, whether you're reading the books or watching the movies, Thomas thinks outside the box and asks questions that eventually lead to solutions. He was considered one of the best minds among his peers. Heck, he helped build the Maze in his teenage years. Wow. At that age, I was crying over algebra. But it's not just his mind that lands him in Ravenclaw. Thomas constantly is seeking answers, seeking knowledge, like any other member of this house. 

~ Number Seven ~
Edmund Pevensie
The Chronicles of Narnia
House: Hufflepuff

Sometimes it's a traumatic event that shapes the rest of your life. Through the course of the books or movies, Edmund is always trying to correct his choice to betray his family and others to the White Witch. He knows what it's like to be branded a traitor, and if you watch him, he's the first to extend a helping hand or words of peace. Hufflepuff's are known for diligence, kindness, and loyalty. Edmund has these three qualities in abundance, as well as a firm belief in compassion, and making sure others don't fall into the same temptation he did. 

~ Number Six ~
Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars Saga
House: Gryffindor

Bravery? Check. Recklessness? Triple check. A streak of arrogance and selfishness? Check and check. Anakin is the epitome of half- cocked ideas with an affinity for being extremely extra in everything he does. Whether he's leading the charge as General Skywalker in the Clone Wars, or striking terror into the rebels as Darth Vader, it remains the same. He's also extremely confident in himself and his abilities, sometimes overly so. 

~ Number Five ~
Ponyboy Curtis
The Outsiders
House: Hufflepuff

Ponyboy's story is a sad one. He lost his parents at a young age, was nearly murdered by drowning, ran from the law, and then had to watch two of his closest friends die on the same night. Somebody get this kid into therapy already. While he does end up having a breakdown, these events to not harden him and turn him into someone like Dally. He stand by Johnny, is one of the first to run into a burning church, and stands by his brothers in the rumble that follows. He even tries to see things from the opposing gang's point of view. He did not deserve the things that happened to him, and I hope he stayed just as soft as he got older. 

~ Number Four ~
Malcolm Reed
Star Trek: Enterprise
House: Gryffindor

The entire reason Reed even ended up on the groundbreaking Enterprise began with breaking his family traditions. He is innovative, stalwart, and definitely has a bit of a temper on him. Coming from a military family with military roots, Reed broke that tradition and ventured among the stars, much to everyone's dismay. And he didn't care. That is one of the most Gryffindor things a person is capable of doing. Sometimes his confrontational manner is his saving grace, sometimes it's his downfall. He's also one of the first to make the self- sacrifice for the good of everyone else, second probably only to the captain himself. 

~ Number Three ~
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones series
House: Ravenclaw

The pursuit of knowledge. Technically, that is the definition for both his professions. An archeaologist's job is to bring truth and history to light, and a professor's job is to educate the younger generations. He is very much both these things. Sure, he may get himself into crazy situations, but he always knows a way out. How? Knowledge and experience. Let's not forget the fact that he speaks and reads multiple languages, an intellectual feat in and of itself. But Ravenclaws will go to extreme lengths to prove themselves, prove a point, or just prove something in general. Also, I'm pretty sure only a Ravenclaw would come up with: "It belongs in a museum!" on the spot. 

~ Number Two ~
The Princess and the Frog
House: Slytherin

"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work!" - Tiana

Truly words to live by, and with which I agree 100%. While Hufflepuff's may be hard workers, who says Slytherins can't be either? What puts Tiana in Slytherin is that she has definite ambitions and goals. She wants to own a restaurant, at a very specific place, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if it means kissing a frog, with questionable results. Regardless, she doesn't let things like being a woman or getting turned into a frog deter her in any way. She has drive and heart, and does not put up with childish antics. 

~ Number One ~
Yu Yu Hakusho
House: Slytherin

Unlike two of the show's other leading protaganists, Hiei fully embraces who he is and his demon nature, which is probably why he ended up on top when the show ended. He had a single ambition in mind: Increase his power and become the best, which he ultimately achieved as a top general in the demon world. He is cold, ruthless, and driven, and doesn't take orders from anyone save himself. However, he's also smart enough to recognize when someone is his equal, and to make an ally instead of an enemy. Don't let this fool you, though. He has a hidden soft streak. 

I hope you enjoyed this month's House Special. Do you agree with how I sorted my characters? Think they go somewhere else? Comment below! Don't forget to check out my Upcoming page for the next Top Tens headed your way!



  1. Everyone always puts Edmund in Slytherin, but I really like and agree with your points about him being a Hufflepuff! Oh yeah, Tiana is a Slytherin definitely!

    1. Glad you liked the placements! Those two were probably the easiest to actually sort.


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