Top Ten Book Series

Top Ten Book Series

As a follow up to a previous post, where I laid down my favorite standalone books, today I will give you my favorite series. Sometimes one book juts isn't enough. You need a whole series to delve into a world. This list will not include duoligies or trilogies. Basically, any series with four or more books is up for this list. There will be some SPOILERS linked to each series, so tread carefully. Read on!

~ Number Ten ~
by Naomi Novik

Historical fiction? Check. Compelling characters? Check. Dragons? Double check. As I have said in previous posts, this series takes place during the Napolean Wars but with war dragons. What's more is that these dragons have all kinds of personalities and can talk. And it's normal for that world! Naomi Novik does a brilliant job of re- imagining society around it, and putting a lot of thought into the dynamics of aerial combat. These are all good sized books and there's a total of nine. 

~ Number Nine ~
Gregor the Overlander
by Suzanne Collins


Suzanne Collins didn't just write the famed Hunger Games. Before that, she wrote the children's series Gregor the Overlander. If it's one thing I've learned in years of reading, it's to never discount children's books. They can still blow you away. Like this little gem. The story follows a young boy and his baby sister as they explore an underground world full of giant bats, spiders, cockroaches, and rats. Don't worry, the cockroaches are actually pretty incredible and sweet. It does play into prophecies and chosen ones, but with an incredible cast of colorful characters and an original world. It also has a great character arc for Gregor, who we really get to see grow over the course of the series. 

~ Number Eight ~
The Hardy Boys
by Franklin W. Dixon

If you're anything like me, you grew up reading either Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys. I gave both a try, and the latter ended up sticking. What's great about this series, even if it doesn't follow a connected plot line, is that you can literally pick up any of these books in order and read them. They are short mystery stories perfect for when you just need a quick fix of reading for the day. The other good thing is that there is an endless supply, from the classics up to present day. And you have t admit, they have the best titles ever. 

~ Number Seven ~
Harry Potter
by J. K. Rowling


Sadly, I did not read these books until about five years ago or so. But, the minute I got into it, I was hooked. The wizarding world of Hogwarts is so fleshed and out magical that I would really love for it to be real. One of the things that really struck me about Rowling's writing is that she remembers exactly what it was like to be a kid. The feelings and mannerisms she she portrays through the characters are very similar to how I acted and thought at a certain age. Plus, the adventures and stories are just so fun to read about, I'd say it's a must read fantasy read for anyone who enjoys the genre. 

~ Number Six ~
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams

Science fiction can be a hard read, no doubt about that. However, Adams' popular series made a name for itself for a reason. And that's because it is hilarious. Honest. He takes the idea of space travel and wacky aliens to a whole new level and just runs with it. His descriptions alone are worth reading the series, and the dialogue is fresh, funny, and sarcastic. True to its sci- fi nature, it also deals with heavier issues, with some witty one- liners thrown in, of course. The meaning behind the infamous Ultimate Answer, 42, is absolute genius. 

~ Number Five ~
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
by Rick Riordan

After finishing this series years ago, I literally started reading anything with Riordan's name slapped on it. He has a way with words and characters and it makes the perfect blend for a story. The series revolves around Greek mythology, which you will definitely be an expert on once you've finished. I absolutely loved the titular hero Percy when I was a pre- teen, and I'm overjoyed that he continued on in various other series that have followed Riordan's smash hit. 

~ Number Four ~
The City of Ember
by Jeanne DuPrau


Unlike my other picks, this series has only four books, all of them not very big. They are children's books, but they dare to venture into a post- apocalyptic world that is *gasp* actually striving to thrive and grow instead of at war or running wild with zombies. The series revolves around two teens who come from an underground city, the only place they have ever known. They great thing about this series is that it's about growth and exploration. It also delves deep into the issues of limited resources, as the underground city, Ember, is losing power. It's a very uplifting story about, literally, coming out of the darkness and into the light. 

~ Number Three ~
The Lord of the Rings
by J. R. R. Tolkien


But wait, isn't LOTR a trilogy? Actually, no. The Hobbit, a precursor to LOTR featuring Bilbo Baggins, is the start of the series. It even says on the books that the following books are sequels to the Hobbit. So, this does qualify. And I think it's place on the list is self- explanatory, especially for anyone who has seen the movies. The films are extremely true adaptions, so the book is juts as dramatic, adventurous, and epic. It is, however, a bit slower, and sometimes there a re whole pages of poems. But, if you have the time, you will not regret reading these. Your life will probably be better after it, as well. 

~ Number Two ~
The Inheritance Cycle
by Christopher Paolini


Better known as Eragon, this has dragon riders, elves, magic, evil kings, and an army marching against tyranny. Basically, it's your classic fantasy series but better in every way. Undeniably, the best part is the telepathic dragon (yes, she's telepathic) Saphira. It also has an interesting magic system based entirely off of words, or, "magic language", and life force. The battles rival that of Lord of the Rings (yes, I meant that). A fun fact is that Paolini wrote the first book, which is a significant size, when he was juts fifteen. There's hope for us all, dear writers. I will be forever angry on how badly they botched the movie. 

~ Number One ~
Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer

If you saw my post form a couple weeks ago, this shouldn't come as a shock. Want to read about fairies, but with modern technology? You can find it here. Want to throw a young genius into the mix? You got it. Want strong female characters with their own stories and flaws? You can find that here, too. Bottom line, anything and everything you could want in fantasy/ thriller/ intrigue books. You will fall in love with the characters, world, and story, I promise. Unlike a lot of fantasy stories that seem to get cut short too soon, this Colfer wrote eight books, plus a spin- off series, to satisfy the adventures of this misfit crew of a teenage genius from Ireland, his bodyguard, and a feisty fairy police woman. 

Do you agree with my list? What are some of your favorite book series? Comment and let me know! Don't forget about this month's House Special! If you would like to see me sort a certain character, drop a comment and I will do my best to include them. 



  1. I'm surprised by how many of these I haven't read or heard of! I'm a Harry Potter and LotR fan, too.

    1. Those are kind of a given. Everyone should read those.


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