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Twilight Zone Blogathon: Tag of Ten

  Twilight Zone Blogathon: Tag of Ten You have just crossed over into..... the Twilight Zone. Welcome everybody to the kickoff of the Twilight Zone Blogathon! I've been planning this for a while, and I am super excited to get into it! If you'll indulge me, I'll start off with some history about the show. The show first aired in 1959, when tensions of the Cold War were at their peak, World War II was over, and racial tension was thick. A bulk of it can be classified as science fiction and fantasy, with some thriller thrown in. It was controversial for its time, and it creator, Rod Serling, had to constantly fight just to keep it on the air. However, watching it now, the impact it has had on culture and modern entertainment is nothing short of staggering. Without further ado, I will give you my answers to the Tag I posted back in August, which you can find here, if you missed it. I will also issue a HUGE SPOILER warning for this post.  ~ Number One ~ Q: Favorite Twist Ending

House Special: August 2020

  House Special: August 2020 It's time to round off this month with another House Special! Ten new characters will be sorted into the House I think is a best fit for them, and will list reasons. There will be some small SPOILERS, so keep on the lookout for those.   ~ Number Ten ~ Zed ZOMBIES House: Hufflepuff As requested by Movie Critic over at Movies Meet Their Match , our first will be the leading zombie of Disney Channel's original movie. It was surprisingly hard to sort him, as he's actually a complex character for a made for TV movie. However, I went with Hufflepuff for a couple reasons. He has strong feelings about wanting equality for his kind, and it drives him, much like any Hufflepuff. But another reason is that, while others want to make bigger statements (i. e. violence), he takes the peaceful road, which gets better results in the end. Also, he's just a very sweet and kind person.  ~ Number Nine ~ Obi- Wan Kenobi Star Wars House: Slytherin His popularity h

Exciting Announcement

  I have a very exciting announcement to make. Running September 1st- 6th, I will be hosting The Twilight Zone blogathon! During the first week of September, we will celebrate all things Twilight Zone by discussing our favorite episodes, stories, moral lessons, or whatever other subject interests you the most! I discovered this show a couple years ago, and since then have been completely blown away by everything about it, especially getting to see the impact it has had on both our culture and modern entertainment.  I will create a Tag of Ten, which you will find below. You can fill this out if you like and post it on your blog. Please use one of the blog buttons below (brought to you by Notes from a Heartfield Girl). If you want to make your own post dedicated to this blogathon, leave a link and comment below so I can list you here. I myself will be filling out the Tag, as well as making a Top Ten post of episodes written by Rod Serling himself.  I hope you all will join and enjoy this

Top Ten Musicals

  Top Ten Musicals Singing and dancing, a constant in any culture. A lot of people do it for a living, and so we get the filmed musicals with iconic songs and fast- paced dance scenes. For this week's list, we're looking at movie musicals, so any Broadway production is out (sorry, Hamilton!). Anything goes, be it live action or animated. You can find my favorite songs in each in the links. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to sing! ~ Number Ten ~ High School Musical (2006) Who wasn't completely blown away by this when it came out? I would argue it's actually one of the most defining films of the early 2000s, showcasing both the style and attitude of the times. We loved and hated the fabulous Sharpay, and cheered for the budding romance between Troy and Gabriella. The songs are fun and easy to memorize, and the dances are exciting to watch. I think you do have to take it with a bit of cheese, since it was made for TV, but some of the best things are a little cheesy.  ~ Numb