Exciting Announcement


I have a very exciting announcement to make. Running September 1st- 6th, I will be hosting The Twilight Zone blogathon! During the first week of September, we will celebrate all things Twilight Zone by discussing our favorite episodes, stories, moral lessons, or whatever other subject interests you the most! I discovered this show a couple years ago, and since then have been completely blown away by everything about it, especially getting to see the impact it has had on both our culture and modern entertainment. 

I will create a Tag of Ten, which you will find below. You can fill this out if you like and post it on your blog. Please use one of the blog buttons below (brought to you by Notes from a Heartfield Girl). If you want to make your own post dedicated to this blogathon, leave a link and comment below so I can list you here. I myself will be filling out the Tag, as well as making a Top Ten post of episodes written by Rod Serling himself. 

I hope you all will join and enjoy this with me!

~ Twilight Zone: Tag of Ten ~

1. Favorite Twist Ending?

2. Favorite Happy Ending?

3. Favorite Version of the Devil?

4. Favorite Alien Design?

5. Favorite Futuristic Episode?

6. Favorite Western Episode?

7. Scariest Episode?

8. Favorite Episode Title?

9. Favorite Famous Actor/ Actress to Star?

10. Favorite Episode?

I look forward to seeing you answers come September! 




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