House Special: August 2020

 House Special: August 2020

It's time to round off this month with another House Special! Ten new characters will be sorted into the House I think is a best fit for them, and will list reasons. There will be some small SPOILERS, so keep on the lookout for those.


~ Number Ten ~



House: Hufflepuff

As requested by Movie Critic over at Movies Meet Their Match, our first will be the leading zombie of Disney Channel's original movie. It was surprisingly hard to sort him, as he's actually a complex character for a made for TV movie. However, I went with Hufflepuff for a couple reasons. He has strong feelings about wanting equality for his kind, and it drives him, much like any Hufflepuff. But another reason is that, while others want to make bigger statements (i. e. violence), he takes the peaceful road, which gets better results in the end. Also, he's just a very sweet and kind person. 

~ Number Nine ~

Obi- Wan Kenobi

Star Wars

House: Slytherin

His popularity has exploded since "prequel memes" became a thing. Obi- Wan is one of the most well known Jedi from the Star Wars saga, and maybe one of the most loved. He's a good person who wants nothing but peace in both his life and the galaxy. So, why Slytherin? Well, Obi- Wan is a very clever and cunning warrior in battle, able to defeat the likes of both Anakin and General Grevious. He strives to be the best there is, within the limits set by the Jedi Council. He also became known as a negotiator during the Clone Wars. What Slytherin can't talk and charm their way out of dangerous situations?

~ Number Eight ~

Bruce Wayne


House: Gryffindor

One does not dress up as a bat and go jump off rooftops to fight crime and not be in Gryffindor. This house is known for its courage, even to the point of recklessness. Now, Bruce could probably fit into any of the other houses pretty well, but this seems to sum him up the best. I mean, even if you've only watched one Batman movie ever, you'll know the stunts he pulls are utter ridiculous and should never be attempted. Well, that hasn't stopped him since the circulation of comics began, and it has no signs of slowing down. 

~ Number Seven ~

Edna Mode

The Incredibles

House: Slytherin

I'd say this woman is way more than a fashion designer. More like a textile engineer. Edna manages to steal the show no matter what movie she's in, with her witty one- liners and self- confident attitude. It doesn't matter that she barely comes up to your knee; she commands respect, and people will listen when she enters a room. That's pure Slytherin energy, through and through. On top of that, she's made her way to the top through making clothes, for both superheroes and models. She also gives the best advice ever to her friends. 

"Go! Fight! Win!" - Edna

~ Number Six ~

Dr. Leonard McCoy

Star Trek: The Original Series

House: Hufflepuff

It's not easy to place McCoy, aka Bones, into a specific house. He has all the passion of a Gryffindor, but I eventually went with Hufflepuff because he cares so much about those around him, and is more than willing to put others' needs before his at any given moment. And, he is a doctor, so he kind of has to have a certain level of that. He's also an incredibly hard worker, sometimes working for hours on end on a problem with no rest, but won't hesitate to tell his friends they need to sleep. I think he's alos one of the only things keeping Kirk and Spock from being horribly killed on a daily basis. 

~ Number Five ~

Steve Harrington

Stranger Things

House: Hufflepuff

I didn't expect to love Steve as much as I do now. But, here we are. Steve is one of the best characters that this show has to offer, except for maybe in the first season. He started out as the popular high school boy whom all the girls liked, but it turns out he's a super sweet person who hangs out with kids, protects them (often getting his own face kicked in), uncovers a Russian plot, and beats in the faces of monsters. He's the definition of "mom friend", often being the ignored voice of reason and giving advice on love. Please grant him a break in the next season, please. I don't think his nose needs to get broken any further. 

~ Number Four ~


Avatar: The Last Airbender

House: Gryffindor

Katara's older brother Sokka may talk a bigger game, but we all know who's ready to throw down at any given moment. I mean, one of her opening scenes is actually going on a huge rant on how sick of her brother she is. To put it simply, Katara does not live in fear, and refuses to let it run her life. She'll stand up to, and question, everyone if they're not doing the right thing. Not to say she doesn't have a soft side, but she is a very straightforward and blunt person, and will help someone even if the group disagrees. 

~ Number Three ~

Ellen Ripley 


House: Ravenclaw

Arguably one of the best female characters ever to appear on screen, Lt. Ripley (official rank) is a force to be reckoned with. And not just because she can take on a whole alien nest and come out alive. Basically, her life is crap since the moment the first movie starts, and she spends her time making smart decisions that absolutely no one listens to. I mean, the entire first movie could have been avoided if her initial decision had been heeded instead of ignored. She's incredibly smart, and knows her way around guns and machines. I really wish they'd give this poor woman a rest. 

~ Number Two ~

Rick Blaine


House: Slytherin

Sometimes life happens, and you can't go back to the person you were. Hence, Rick's cynical and jaded character. That doesn't necessarily land him in Slytherin; he's a very shrewd and blunt man, and is well aware that people are making underhanded deals at his club to get out of the country. He's even able to get an official on his side to help his former love and her husband to flee. He lets his life experience guide him through an uncertain future, and can read people with the best of them. 

~ Number One ~

Rose Dawson


House: Gryffindor

Once she finds her courage, look out. Forced into a loveless marriage and a stifling lifestyle for the sake of money, Rose is very unhappy at the beginning. But, as the story goes and she falls in love, she comes out of her shell, and she stops being so afraid. She ends up punching one man in the face and then spitting on her awful fiance. Two power moves. She also braves a sinking ship in order to stay with Jack, and defies death itself and is able to be rescued. She goes on to live her life to the fullest, just as she promised. She truly spread her wings and learned to fly. 

Do you agree with my choices? What are your opinions? Comment below! I would love to hear them! Coming soon is my Twilight Zone Blogathon, which you can find here




  1. Thanks for doing my suggestion! Yep, Zed is totally a Hufflepuff. So much optimism! I also like that you sorted Rick! I rarely see people talk about Casablanca, even though it's so good! Another great round of sorting!


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