Top Ten Musicals

 Top Ten Musicals

Singing and dancing, a constant in any culture. A lot of people do it for a living, and so we get the filmed musicals with iconic songs and fast- paced dance scenes. For this week's list, we're looking at movie musicals, so any Broadway production is out (sorry, Hamilton!). Anything goes, be it live action or animated. You can find my favorite songs in each in the links. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to sing!

~ Number Ten ~

High School Musical (2006)

Who wasn't completely blown away by this when it came out? I would argue it's actually one of the most defining films of the early 2000s, showcasing both the style and attitude of the times. We loved and hated the fabulous Sharpay, and cheered for the budding romance between Troy and Gabriella. The songs are fun and easy to memorize, and the dances are exciting to watch. I think you do have to take it with a bit of cheese, since it was made for TV, but some of the best things are a little cheesy. 

~ Number Nine ~

The Wizard of Oz (1939)


Did you ever want to own a pair of ruby slippers, visit the Emerald City, or skip down the yellow brick road? No worries, because you're in like- minded company. Wizard of Oz is quite arguably one of the most iconic films ever made, and still holds up today. Most of the dialogue and music is quoted by everyone, including myself. It's full of whimsy, magic, color, and friendship to last a lifetime. Of course, the transition from black and white Kansas to colorful Oz will always be one of my favorite things, right along with the Wicked Witch's terrifying cackle. 

~ Number Eight ~

Happy Feet (2006)


Just because it's a bunch of penguins doing the singing and dancing does not discredit this as a musical. Actually, this movie was made on a huge scale, with gorgeous effects and animation, and an all star cast that included Elijah Wood and Robin Williams. It also has an unconventional plot line, musical or not. Upon seeing it for the first time, I felt a mixture of confusion and excitement, which I guess hasn't really changed. Besides, I think it holds the record for largest dancing and singing cast, topping out (probably) somewhere in the 1000s. 

~ Number Seven ~

ZOMBIES (2018)

Disney Channel originals can be hit or miss. This was the first to hit the mark since High School Musical. It tells the tale of two different worlds of human and zombie, and of two young people trying to navigate those boundaries while falling in love. It's as much about romance as it is about overcoming prejudices. The songs swing motivational and sweet, with excellent dance choreography. The reason it ranks higher than HSM is because the concept is more original, and I really enjoyed watching the characters, who didn't seem flat at all. 

~ Number Six ~

Enchanted (2007)


The early 2000s were full of hidden gems, especially this criminally underrated Disney movie that was a blend of live action, animation, and straight up making fun of their typical princess movies. At the same time, it is a typical princess movie. So, of course, it's filled with plenty of sing and dance, and making fun of it as it goes. I honestly love this movie to death, and you will love it even if musicals aren't your thing. Even so, it also has one of the sweetest, most beautiful romances ever to play out on screen. 

~ Number Five ~

White Christmas (1954)


This holiday romance/ comedy/ drama/ musical is a must watch for literally anyone getting into the Christmas spirit. Or just in general. I personally adore the simple story line and the Broadway- esque dance and musical numbers. Also, I would love to wear all the sisters' clothes, please and thank you. What I also like about it is that the bulk of it doesn't focus on Christmas, or even Christmas music, like I first thought before watching it. And it's better that way. Still, it manages to capture the true spirit and magic of Christmas regardless. 

~ Number Four ~

The Greatest Showman (2017)

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect going into this. At first, I didn't want to watch it because I'm skeptical of modern musicals (sorry, La La Land). However, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Every single song within the soundtrack is a winner, and the color and costumes only add to the fun. The story was sweet, and I was also shocked just how many songs they managed to actually squeeze in. I love everything about this movie. The cast was also stellar, employing both Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, yes please!

~ Number Three ~

The Prince of Egypt (1998)


I will sing this animated film's praises until the day I die. This pick may be a bit of a stretch, but, to be fair, there is legit singing and dancing in it, so it counts. As a Christian, I was completely floored by how hard Dreamworks stuck to the true story while leaving room for some artistic license. The animation itself is also stunning. And the music. Don't get me started, but it's why we're here. The music is gorgeous, haunting, and uplifting. It's no surprise When You Believe, the final song, has gotten remakes again and again by several artists a decade following its release. 

~ Number Two ~

Mary Poppins (1964)

No musical list is complete without mentioning the groundbreaking Mary Poppins. Based off the book by the same name, the colorful tale of the flying, magical nanny is a forever classic. From the somber notes of Feed the Birds, to the ten minute dance number that is Step in Time, every piece delivers magic, almost literally. And, we all must agree, that Julie Andrews' absolutely flawless performance is half the reason we're watching anyway. Her speech, her singing, her attitude, and sense of style all make the Mary, well, Mary. 

~ Number One ~

Newsies (1992)


If you haven't seen this one yet, I highly, highly recommend. I didn't watch it until I was well into my teens, but seeing it for the first time absolutely floored me. I knew it was based off a true story, the newsboy strike of 1899, but going into it I had no idea it was a musical, starring Christian Bale as the lead, no less. Turns out, it's the best movie musical ever made. It really makes you feel like you can take on the world, and win. It flopped upon its release, but since then has developed a Broadway musical, and a dedicated following and has simply grown in popularity. 

Do you agree with my picks? What are some of your favorite musicals? Comment and let me know! Don't forget about this month's House Special, either. If you want to see a certain character, drop a comment and I'll try to fit them into this month's Special!




  1. Yes to all of these! I've never seen ZOMBIES and only half of Enchnated, but you and I have similar musical tastes. My favorite musicals are Oklahoma!, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Bride and Prejudice, Grease, Hairspray, Singin' in the Rain, Les Miserables, The Wizard of Oz, Newsies and Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Glad to hear it! Grease almost made the list, and I’ve seen parts of Oklahoma! when I was really young.

  2. Fantastic list!! You listed such a good range. I've seen all of these but my favorites are The Wizard of Oz, Zombies (I'd like to see any of those characters in your House Special!), Enchanted (I always forget about it), White Christmas (such a classic!), The Greatest Showman, The Prince of Egypt, and Newsies (now I'm going to be belting "The World Will Know" all day!!!)! A few of my other favorites are The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Into the Woods, and Fiddler on the Roof.

    1. Thank you! I try to be as diverse as possible when choosing my picks. Hunchback is actually really good.

  3. You have so many classics on here! Prince of Egypt is so good, probably the first musical I actually saw. :) White Christmas is also great! In fact when I was younger, my siblings and I filmed ourselves lip syncing/dancing to several songs. Memories... Awe, Newsies is my all time favorite musical!! I only discovered if maybe a few years ago, but looove the songs and characters. I actually like the spot Colons from the movie better then broadway. ;) Les Miserables is a close second.

    1. Yes to Newsies! And the lip syncing and dancing actually sounds like a ton of fun!


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