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House Special: September 2020

  House Special: September 2020 Let's wrap up this month with the ninth House Special of the year! I'm beyond excited to go into the holiday season, even if I don't celebrate Halloween. That just means the next few Specials will be themed, so stay tuned! Take a look at my Upcoming page to get a glimpse of them. There will also be some light SPOILERS down the line.  ~ Number Ten ~ Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead House: Gryffindor I couldn't do Rick and leave Daryl, arguably the face of the show, out in the cold. Before I even started watching the show, I knew him as the "crossbow guy". He was really, really hard to sort, but I ended up with Gryffindor because so much of his character involves doing some of the most insane, reckless, sacrificial things ever. All those define a Gryffindor. Not only these, but Daryl is loyal. He's definitely his own person, but he will stick by his (metaphoric) brother Rick no matter what.  ~ Number Nine ~ Ripred Gregor the Overl

Top Ten One Vs. Many Fights

Top Ten One Vs. Many Fights Odds and probability aren't in the vocabulary when it comes to these fights. Today, I'm counting down my top ten favorite one vs. many fights. To qualify for the list, fights have to be many enemies versus one person, hero or villain. Sometimes these make for the best fights, showcasing what a character is truly capable of doing. I will issue a SPOILER warning. On with the post! ~ Number Ten ~ Indiana Jones vs. Nazis Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark It's one of cinema's classic chase/ fight scenes, featuring our favorite archeaologist fending off about a dozen or more German Nazis from the truck. He gets shot, thrown through a windshield, dragged, and punched along a dusty road trying to steal back the Ark of the Covenant. It's a scene that has you rooting for him the whole way while on the edge of your seat to see who will come out on top. Is the truck scene slightly over the top? Maybe. Does that make it any less awesome? Absolute

Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes Written by Rod Serling

  Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes Written by Rod Serling In continuation with this week's blogathon, it's time for my own entry. Rod Serling is actually one of my personal heroes, choosing to stand his ground on his ideas in spite of heavy opposition. He was a screenwriter as well as the creator, and he wrote many episodes for his own show. Interestingly, he wrote or adapted 99 of the 156 episodes that aired. And, we can all agree that he has one of the most iconic voices in history. There will be some SPOILERS down the line, so be on the lookout if you haven't completed the series or want to. Let's unlock this door with our imagination.  ~ Number Ten ~ Uncle Simon This may not be the most interesting episode, or the most original. However, unlike other episodes which share these same traits, I find Uncle Simon actually kind of disturbing and very twisted. Simon and Barbara Polk are uncle and niece, respectively, and treat each other like dirt. Barbara sits around and wa