House Special: September 2020

 House Special: September 2020

Let's wrap up this month with the ninth House Special of the year! I'm beyond excited to go into the holiday season, even if I don't celebrate Halloween. That just means the next few Specials will be themed, so stay tuned! Take a look at my Upcoming page to get a glimpse of them. There will also be some light SPOILERS down the line. 

~ Number Ten ~

Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead

House: Gryffindor

I couldn't do Rick and leave Daryl, arguably the face of the show, out in the cold. Before I even started watching the show, I knew him as the "crossbow guy". He was really, really hard to sort, but I ended up with Gryffindor because so much of his character involves doing some of the most insane, reckless, sacrificial things ever. All those define a Gryffindor. Not only these, but Daryl is loyal. He's definitely his own person, but he will stick by his (metaphoric) brother Rick no matter what. 

~ Number Nine ~


Gregor the Overlander

House: Slytherin

In the world of Underland, the giant rats are evil. Or so we are told. Enter Ripred, the rat allied with the main cast of characters. He's a sarcastic jerk who secretly cares about everyone, so obviously he's the best kind of character. He's vicious, fierce, and extremely cunning. He'd easily be welcomed into Slytherin with open arms. He does not believe in prophecies, which is a key component of the series, and makes sure to twist them to fit his grand schemes. I think he was my favorite character of the whole series.

~ Number Eight ~



House: Gryffindor

What would it be like to have a literal dragon in this brash house? Gryffindor would rule. While Saphira does have her compassionate streak, she isn't exactly subtle. She prefers to go in guns blazing, and meet every problem head on like a battering ram. She makes sue her thoughts are voiced loud and clear, whether it's through her rider or her own teeth and claws. She took on threats literally twice her size several times. And she threatened to burn down a sentient, ancient tree if it didn't give up its precious metal. I love her. 

~ Number Seven ~



House: Ravenclaw

This princess may have a stubborn streak, but she is definitely Ravenclaw. She was the first to notice the growing danger to the island, and tried to persuade her father of it before pursuing other courses of action. Also, she has that longing to explore and discover, essential to any Ravenclaw. Even though she didn't know how to sail, she braved the unknown anyway, spending countless hours learning how. 

~ Number Six ~


Stranger Things

House: Hufflepuff

What do you do when you have the power to open and close dimensional rifts with absolute ease? Why, get yourself a friend group and see the world! Eleven, or El, is an absolute sweetheart of a person. Hufflepuffs are loyal, hard working, and all for peace and justice. El wants all these things, even though she has all rights to become a villain after what's been done to her. She loves her friends and adopted family, even if they have their differences sometimes. And she found it in her heart to forgive the likes of Billy after seeing his past. Serious stuff, guys. 

~ Number Five ~

Rin Okumura

Blue Exorcist

House: Hufflepuff

This half demon may not be the brightest bulb, and he may use his fists to do the talking, but his heart and intentions are more often than not pure. He cares about his friends, and respects all forms of life. Heck, the first time we see him, he's beating up a kid because he was shooting down innocent doves. As for his family, well, there are some lines villains shouldn't cross. He loves them fiercely, especially his brother. He also cares about preserving the good things in the world, and making sure he himself doesn't taint that and lose control of his own powers. 

~ Number Four ~



House: Gryffindor

The lovable canine star of Up captured everyone's hearts with his simple, loving nature. But even the simplest things can say a lot about someone. Dug is willing to risk going against an entire pack of dogs and his former master for the sake of his new family, even if he's very small. Gryffindors are brave souls at heart, and so is Dug. He even goes against Alpha, and finds the confidence to overcome him and become the new Alpha of the pack. 

~ Number Three ~

Ethan Cheeseman

A Whole Nother Story

House: Ravenclaw

Scientists are put into Ravenclaw most of the time. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, but not here. Ethan is part of the main cast of characters, having to create a working time machine and raise three kids by himself when his wife passes away. On top of everything, he has to avoid everyone who's after him. That's some serious planning and brain work, 24/7, just like Ravenclaws are famous for. He's also created several other inventions, to help make people's lives easier. On the other hand, in true Ravenclaw fashion, doesn't know how to form a valid excuse have the time and possesses two brain cells. 

~ Number Two ~



House: Hufflepuff

Thor is a pure ray of sunshine too good for the cruel world and too good for the Avengers. If Loki and Hela are twin black cats, he's the adopted golden retreiver of the family. Even though he's way stronger and more powerful then pretty much anyone, he's gentle and kind, and respectful of others' cultures. He does not stand for evil of injustice. This one line pretty much sums it up for him:

"Because that, is what heroes do." - Thor: Raganarok

He is good for goodness' sake. 

~ Number One ~

Ethan Hunt

Mission: Impossible

House: Slytherin

As a spy, you either have to be on your toes, or, well, there's no other option than dead. Ethan Hunt has the mind, emotions, and charm of any perfect Slytherin, even if his ambition is to someday settle down from his current life. Slytherins can also be obsessed with being the best, or doing their best, and Ethan is no exception, pulling off stunts like climbing mountains bare handed to push himself. Also, on a personal note, it doesn't hurt that he's played by Tom Cruise and looks absolutely gorgeous while doing it. 

And that's a wrap for this month! What did you think of my sorting? Let me know in the comments! Head over to my Upcoming page to see what I have in store for the last few Specials for the year.





  1. I was just thinking about this the other day, so I got really excited when I saw it in my feed. As usual, you absolutely nailed these characters, especially Moana, Dug, and Thor! I hadn't thought of Thor as being a Hufflepuff, but that quote is him exactly!

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments always make my day! :).


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