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House Special: October 2020

  House Special: October 2020 Hello, everyone! Welcome to October's House Special! Since October is known as a spooky month, with Halloween coming up, this Special is all about villains! This time, I'll be sorting ten lucky villains to take center stage and show off their true colors. There will be some SPOILERS down the line, so watch out for those. Are you ready? *Insert very evil laugh here* ~ Number Ten ~ Scar The Lion King House: Slytherin This classic Disney villain was requested by Movie Critic over at Movies Meet Their Match . I really don't think there's a person out there who hasn't heard of Scar, the cunning brother of Mufasa. And that's one of the defining traits of a Slytherin, right up there with ambition. Scar is a younger brother, and therefore will never be king. However, he feels that right is his alone, and makes elaborate plans to ensure his rise to power. Let's not forget that he was able to hold onto that power for some time, destroying

Top Ten Best Movie Adaptions

  Top Ten Best Movie Adaptions Welcome back, all! As promised, here's my top ten list for the BEST book/ TV show movie adaptions out there! For this list, I'll be going back to my usual way of listing, going from "worst" to "best". Even if none of these are the worst (well, maybe one is). Regardless, it's time to gush over the movies that actually put in the time and effort to recreate some of the best stories. Note that there are SPOILERS down the line. Now, on with the list! ~ Number Ten ~ Twilight Based off: the Twilight Saga books                                    OK, OK, I know. How does this even end up on the "best" list? There's a good reason, and I'm focusing solely on the first book and movie. Now, the movie isn't the greatest thing ever, it's full of cringe and flat characters and generic music from the early 2000's. All that aside, this isn't really the movie's fault. The reason it is on the list is beca

November Hiatus

Hiatus Notice Hello everyone! I am here to bring you an official hiatus notice. Up front, I just want to thank you all who have supported me and this baby blog. January will be my one year! So excited for that! I swear there is a good reason for this! Every year, I participate in National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. That month is November. During this time, as writing is a hobby of mine, I write 50,000 words within the month. That's about 1,667 words per day! While I love my blog, I also have a job and I realistically cannot write that many words a day and bring you quality on my blog at the same time.  Thank you for understanding, and take care of yourselves. A happy early Thanksgiving to you as well. See you in December!  

Top Ten Worst Movie Adaptions

  Top Ten Worst Movie Adaptions Hello everyone! To quote Jeff Goldbloom "They spent too much time wondering of they could, they didn't stop to ask if they should.". This week I'm bringing you something a little different. Instead of gushing over the "best" of a category, we're getting into one of my biggest pet peeves: the butchering of move adaptions. To make the list, a movie has to either be based off a TV show or a book. We'll start with the adaptions that aren't so horrible before ending with the absolute worst ones. And brace for SPOILERS down the line. Let's get into it! ~ Number Ten ~ The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) Based off: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series                                    So I don't want to bash this one too hard. The book is a crazy, bizarre sci- fi comedy filled with tons of philosophical questions it doesn't exactly answer. And that's barely scratching the surfac

Top Ten Twins and Triplets in Fiction

Top Ten Twins and Triplets in Fiction   Siblings. Most of us have them. Unconditional love and hatred come with the territory. But what if you were to double, or even triple, that trouble that comes with sibling culture? This week, we delve into my favorite blood related duos and trios. To be on the list, they have to be blood siblings. There will be some SPOILERS ahead, so keep an eye out for those. On with the post! ~ Number Ten ~ Phoebe and Ursula Buffay Friends                                     You've heard of the term "evil twin". These two take it all the way. Phoebe is in the main cast of characters, known for her quirky, sunshine personality, strange theories, and untapped backstory. Ursula may share in the looks, as the two are identical, but none of the charm and sunshine that makes Phoebe great. Despite her attitude, Phoebe does see her as a sister and tries to connect with her on several occasions. They are mirror opposites.  ~ Number Nine ~ Luke and Leia Sk