House Special: October 2020

 House Special: October 2020

Hello, everyone! Welcome to October's House Special! Since October is known as a spooky month, with Halloween coming up, this Special is all about villains! This time, I'll be sorting ten lucky villains to take center stage and show off their true colors. There will be some SPOILERS down the line, so watch out for those. Are you ready? *Insert very evil laugh here*

~ Number Ten ~


The Lion King

House: Slytherin

This classic Disney villain was requested by Movie Critic over at Movies Meet Their Match. I really don't think there's a person out there who hasn't heard of Scar, the cunning brother of Mufasa. And that's one of the defining traits of a Slytherin, right up there with ambition. Scar is a younger brother, and therefore will never be king. However, he feels that right is his alone, and makes elaborate plans to ensure his rise to power. Let's not forget that he was able to hold onto that power for some time, destroying the land, bringing in hyenas, and managing to keep the lioness' under his control. He wasn't the best ruler, but he knew how to get power. 

~ Number Nine ~

Prince Humperdink

The Princess Bride

House: Ravenclaw

When you're saddled with a name like Humperdink, no wonder he become a villain. Like any good villain, he wants to to start a war and become king. And, if he has to bribe some people, kills his fiance, and torture a pirate, well, that's just in a day's work. While he does have ambition, he thinks things through very thoroughly and plans way in advance. He also has a ton of knowledge and knows how to run a kingdom. He's a excellent tracker and detective, able to ensnare even Westley. He would be very welcome among the Ravenclaws, who pride themselves on smarts and wisdom. 

~ Number Eight ~


Avengers series

House: Slytherin

Would the god of mischief really be placed anywhere else? I'm convinced he practically founded the house. He was recommended by Movie Critic, as well. Loki wears black and green constantly. If that's not a tip- off, I don't know what is. Loki has a way of getting what he wants, when he wants. He's a master of misdirection, cunning, and charm. From his first movie, he wanted the Asgardian throne. And he got it, eventually. Sure, maybe all he was really interested in lounging about watching theater, but, hey, it's the journey, not the destination. Heck, Thor told everyone he turned himself into a snake. He's the Slytherin house spirit. 

~ Number Seven ~ 


The Emperor's New Groove

House: Ravenclaw

This was another Disney villain suggested by Movie Critic. Yzma is one of the best villains Disney has ever come up with. Being older than dirt does not mean you've hit your stride. In her case, she's just getting started. Let's look at it this way: She was an advisor to the royal family for years, long before Kuzco took the throne. Considering she had time on her hands to build a secret lab and find ways to concoct poisons and potions, she could have easily seized power at any point. But she didn't. Her breaking point turned out to be being treated like garbage by a literal child. She was familiar with running a country, and, unlike Scar, it didn't fall apart under her brief reign. 

~ Number Six ~

Lord Business

The LEGO Movie

House: Gryffindor

Not all Gryffindors are chivalrous knights or reckless kids. Sometimes, they are nothing but loud bullies, with an enormous bark and a bite to back it up. The self- named Lord Business falls into this category, where he agressively takes over the world, making himself larger than everyone else around him. He also seems to suffer from severe OCD, which doesn't help his situation at all. When Gryffindors feel cornered, they tend to rampage, tearing down everything around them, or putting themselves on top. He is no exception to that rule. When he is finally offered the hand of friendship, though, he does take it. 

~ Number Five ~


Infinity War

House: Hufflepuff

Before you all label me as crazy, first let me explain. Thanos, while one of the most hated characters of the this generation, is incredibly heard to place. I'm open to arguments for other houses, but I think this is the best choice. Why? Three of Hufflepuff's core traits are as follows: Hard work, peace, and justice for all. Typically, these are positive. But, like anything, they can be twisted and warped to fit ugly, wrong agendas, like in Thanos' case. From one bad experience, he sees the universe as ultimately wasting away on itself, and wishes to save it from that fate. Since (of course) no one else really agrees, he starts seeing himself as a lone savior the universe needs. He desires nothing more than to bring his version or order and balance. Since this is my house, I take personal offense, but I think it's the best fit. This pick was suggested by Movie Critic. 

~ Number Four ~

Captain Hook

Peter Pan

House: Gryffindor

Whether we're talking about the original book version, or the Disney classic, both fall into the same category. Once again suggested by the lovely Movie Critic, I'll be referring mostly to the book version, which turned out a lot darker than I expected. Hook is a very bad person, wanting to kill a bunch of literal children for cutting off his hand then feeding it to a crocodile. If it's one thing we establish early on, it's that Hook strongly believes in "good form", or, not being underhanded with his opponents. This is exactly why he hates Peter Pan, who plays by his own set of rules. This, coupled with the fact that he loves to loudly express himself (both with words and fashion) and swinging a sword land him squarely in Gryffindor. 

~ Number Three ~



House: Slytherin

This is the definition of when someone is drunk on power. Megatron remains constant in every iteration of the Transformers universe. He's a strong warrior and a smooth talker, and both these are why he has amassed a massive army of killer bots. It's clear, that, at one point, he had a set of ideals and dreams of a strong future. But, being the one in charge very soon got to him, and he'll take any action necessary to remain on top. He wishes to create a society where only the strong survive, so he has ambitions like any good Slytherin would. I think the latest Netflix reboot gives us the clearest insight into his character yet. 

~ Number Two ~

Lord Garmadon

Ninjago TV series

House: Hufflepuff

Yet another villain that gets slotted into Hufflepuff. And, again, there is good reason. Garmadon's case is a special one. As a child, he was bitten by a mythical snake beast and was physically and mentally warped to the point where his own family barely recognized him (and yes, this is a kid's show). He may have some seriously evil plans for the world he lives in, but his motivations scream Hufflepuff. The reason he wants to turn the world into a dark mess is because he wants his family to love him again. By his reasoning, is the world is just as bad as him, maybe he won't be so despised and rejected. Also, even during his villainous state (he eventually did get a redemption arc), he never truly had a desire to hurt his beloved son. 

~ Number One ~

Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars saga

House: Slytherin

Our final villainous pick is once again brought to you by the lovely Movie Critic. Palpatine is one of the most cunning villains to ever come across our screens. He managed to be a tricky thorn in the hero's side for a total of nine movies. Name another villain who can pull that off. He took control of the Senate first, acted like a confidant to a young, lonely boy, controlled both sides of a civil war, managed to place himself in power after everything, destroyed the Jedi Order, and many other things that label him as Slytherin. He's clever enough to hold on to his power for decades, and refused to die for like another twenty. And, half of these things were done without the general public suspecting a single thing. 

Do you agree with my sorting? Six different villains were recommended to me by Movie Critic, and I had so much fun doing them! Villains are a staple of any story and can be both hated and loved by everyone. There will be an announcement by the end of the week regarding November, so stayed tuned for that!




  1. Wow, you sorted all of these characters so perfectly! From Captain Hook's obsession with good form to Loki basically being Slytherin's mascot, you nailed them all! I wouldn't have thought of Humperdink as a Ravenclaw, but it suits him so well.I

    Wowza, Thanos as a Hufflepuff? I guess he is! That's my house, too, and it's scary to think of someone going that far, but it is who he is! I wouldn't have known where to start with placing him, but he couldn't possibly go anywhere else.

    Fantastic job, as always! Thanks for using my suggestions!

    1. Aaaawwww thanks! I love taking recommendations as it’s a special challenge. As for Thanos, yeah.


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