Tag of Ten: MCU Bolgathon

 Tag of Ten: MCU Blogathon

Well, Happy New Year everybody! 2021 will kick off with the anticipated blogathon featuring everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Miss Woodhouse and I have collaborated to bring you ten tag questions, which you can find here. If you wish to participate, make sure and drop a comment on that post as well. This month also marks my one year anniversary since joining the blogging community. Yay! Without further ado, here are my answer to our tag questions for this month- long blogathon. Be warned, there are heavy SPOILERS down the line. Avengers... Assemble!

~ Number One ~

Q: What is Your Favorite Movie?

A: Avengers: Endgame


This really has so much criteria attatched to it, like story development, character arcs, actions scenes, and ultimately payoff. So, probably the best that neatly includes everything was Endgame. I laughed, I cried, I shouted with joy, and I received an emotional payoff never before seen in any movie franchise. The MCU is truly one of its kind, and a piece of ground breaking cinema never before seen in movies. So, yeah, this would have to be my favorite, having everything I could ask for in both a conclusion and a Marvel movie. 

~ Number Two ~

Q: What is Your Favorite Stan Lee Cameo?

A: Thor, truck driver. 

Ah, Stan Lee. The beloved man who was a big part of why this was all possible. He lived a long, full life, and brought so much to this world that not very many have before. We were all sad to see him go, but his famed cameos are a staple of any Marvel film. It was incredibly hard to choose from, as his appearances add that little extra something to each movie, but I eventually ended up with this choice because it was the first cameo of his I saw and never fails to get a laugh out of me to this day. Here, he's trying to drag Thor's hammer out of the ground by attatching a chain to his truck, which results in the bed of the truck getting yanked off. To this, he replies:

"Did it work?" 

No, but hats off to trying. I have no doubt Stan himself would have no trouble picking up Thor's hammer anyway. 

~ Number Three ~

Q: Who is Your Favorite Character from the Original Six?

A: Captain America


OK, how am I supposed to answer this? The OG 6 are near and dear to my heart, ever since I saw them assemble for the very first time in the Avengers. How am I supposed to pick only one of them? With that said, I give an extremely strong shoutout to the very, very close second, Hawkeye. He was so close. But, of course I had to choose one of my favorite heroes of all time, the Captain himself. Honestly, I had never heard of him before the first movie, and even after that I was skeptical. His heart, his values, and his very human nature won me over, and he's become very close to my heart. Also, who doesn't love a hero who makes the hard choices and is a hero in every sense of the word?

~ Number Four ~

Q: Who is Your Favorite Sidekick (those not from the Original Six who don't have their own movie)?

A: Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon


This was arguably the easiest on the list to answer. I have loved Sam ever since his debut in Winter Soldier. He's an ordinary guy who decided to follow Steve Rogers to the ends of the earth. Plus, he's very fun, and has wings. Wings. So cool. I am hyped he's getting a show soon, but seeing as it's not out yet, he can still make the list. I love his sarcastic wit, his fighting style, and his stout heart. He has valid reasons to dislike some people, and isn't as quick to forgive as others, which is A- OK. And let's not forget that he straight up kicked a helicopter out of the air. Your argument against him being the next Captain America is invalid. 

"On your left."

~ Number Five ~

Q: What is the Funniest Moment?

A: Sitting in a Bug, Captain America: Civil War

This is by far the hardest question on this list. Marvel has become known for its witty humor, and honestly there are WAY to many moments and lines to choose from. So, I decided to pick one that simply sticks out in my head, and although there are others, this one is a true classic. 

"Can you move your seat up?" - Bucky

"No." - Sam, absolutely straight faced.

Cue Bucky awkwardly shifting over to the other side of the tiny car. The context for this scene is also hilarious. Three men on the run from the law, and they decide to get the smallest car in existence to squeeze in to. Mind you, none of them are exactly small men, either. 

~ Number Six ~

Q: Who is Your Favorite Villain?

A: Malekith, Thor: The Dark World


Design, power, motivations, and evil endgames (haha), our heroes wouldn't be who they are today without these villains to stand in their way. My answer is by no means conventional, and, heck, it will probably change with time. So, Malekith. Let's break this down and see why he doesn't get the attention he deserves. According to Odin, the dark elves (and let me just say, super cool space elves) existed before life and light came to the universe. Move over Thanos, Malekith was here long before you were. Malekith continued to stubbornly live for centuries, had a powerful army and cloaking tech at his fingertips, could absorb an infinity stone with no problems (again, move over Thanos), and was willing to sacrifice his own race. Also, he spoke a true alien language, like a true elf. Too bad he never got to flex any more than that. 

~ Number Seven ~

Q: What is Your Favorite Power or Technology?

A: Spider Powers, Spider- Man

This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. With a radioactive spider bite, you get incredible strength, speed, insane reflexes, and a sense that borders on precognition. It is the epitome of superhero powers, but it doesn't stop there. You also get to climb up walls and stick to pretty much any surface. I'm not smart enough to make my own web fluid, but it's good to know what my options are. There are so many cool powers and technologies roaming in the MCU, but I think this kind of gives you everything in one. 

~ Number Eight ~

Q: What is Your Favorite Sequel (does not include trilogies)?

A: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Taking a little trip back to 2016, we see me and my family going to see our first Marvel movie in theaters. Before that, we had watched them on DVD, so we knew all about the growing MCU. Still, we all agreed that this was the film that launched Marvel onto a whole new level, one that was going to have to be matched by every movie that came after. The action, story, and characters were given a fresh direction to go, and were the best I had seen. To this day, it holds up as the best sequel to any of the Marvel movies, no questions asked. It was like it was saying, "See this standard? You have to meet it now."

~ Number Nine ~

Q: What are Your Favorite End Credits Design? Or End Credits Scene?

A: Main on End, Avengers: Endgame

Over the years, Marvel has become famous for its end credits scenes teasing their upcoming movies. This often meant sitting for another five minutes, but it was worth the wait. But before the scene, we also got gorgeous designs, which is what I'm choosing to focus on with this question, obviously, since Endgame didn't have a usual post credit tease. My first time watching these unique tributes to every single actor is kind of a blur, since I was crying through the whole thing. And the ending. The ending with all the OG 6 signing off and saying good- bye to the audience, I get literal chills just listening to the musical score. 

~ Number Ten ~

Q: Who is Your Favorite Ship?

A: Peter Quill and Gamora, aka Starmora, Guardians of the Galaxy 


We don't get many quality relationships in superhero movies, and the MCU is kind of lacking as well. However, the ones they choose to focus on, they make sure to make it as painful as possible for everyone involved. Which is why, if you ship Peter Quill and Gamora, you're in for a rough ride. Peter is known to flirt with women, and Gamora hardly knows what love is. Yet, they work. They are both dancers, as the beautiful analogy comes up in the second Guardians movie. We actually get an "I love you" out of them, and one tender kiss, which was one of the better moments of Infinity War. It's good to know she's alive, but it hurts that it's not the one that fell for the music loving Quill. Ah, maybe there's hope. 

And that wraps it up for my tag answers! Hope you all enjoyed, and I would love to see your own answers! I will be making more MCU posts this month, so stay tuned for that. Also, the first House Special of the year will feature the Avengers! Comments below if you would like to see your favorite character sorted, and keep in mind there are only ten available slots. 





  1. I'm going to do this tomorrow!

    The Winter Soldier was not only a great sequel, I consider it possibly the best Marvel movie made.

    Sam Wilson really is the best sidekick and he's going to be an awesome Captain America.

    1. Looking forward to your answers!

      I agree on the Winter Soldier. I don't know why it's so good, but it just is. I'm so excited for more Sam.

  2. Love this tag!! I am hoping to participate sometime in the next 2 weeks. I liked Sam Wilson as a sidekick, more then Bucky.

  3. Here is my tag of ten - https://www.pagestoremember.com/2021/01/23/marvel-cinematic-universe-tag/
    Had so much fun doing this!! Thank you for hosting!

    1. Thank you! I just love seeing everyone else's opinions since there's so much to talk about.

  4. Sam being the next Captain America made me so happy!!! Great choice for the End Credits question. Like you, I cry through it every time I see it, but I still love it. I didn't know that the ship name is Starmora! I love it. My sister doesn't like those two (which shocks me to no end), but I really like them.

    1. *Gasp* How can you not? They are perfect for each other! And I still can't stop fangirling over Sam! Probably never will.


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