Top Ten Ice Users

 Top Ten Ice Users

Hello everyone! I'm back! November was a busy month for me, and I didn't quite finish Nanowirmo, but I had fun and some good things came of it! So, I'm back to delivering your weekly edition of the North Star. In spirit of December, winter, and Christmas, I'm kicking off this month with the top ten ice users in fiction! For this list, as long as a character can wield ice a power, it's fair game. And there will be SPOILERS down the line. Grab some hot chocolate and let's go!

~ Number Ten ~

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen


This might be one of the oldest examples of an ice powered queen, long before Frozen was ever a concept. Hans Christian Anderson introduced us to the powerful villain of the story, a queen with power over snow and ice, bringing winter into a village and luring a boy to his potential death. There have been several editions to her character in other works, but my personal favorite is from the second book in The Land of Stories, where we have a blind Snow Queen living on a frozen lake with a polar bear army. A woman's needs are simple: an isolated lake home, and absolute power over the frosty elements. 

~ Number Nine ~



Sadly, Loki only uses his ice powers in the first Thor movie, and then we never get to see them again. Seriously, how much better would Loki have been if he remembered those powers? Thanos would have been frozen into an icecube before he knew what hit him. As we know, Loki is actually a Frost Giant, though a runt in size. He is impervious to ice and cold attacks, and is capable of wielding the the Giants' ice weapon. The Ginats themselves have been shown to posses the power over ice, able to create weapons from it. I truly believe Loki has that same power, but it is never utilized. 

~ Number Eight ~

Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians


While it may not have been Dreamworks' biggest hit, this movie did an interesting twist on the legend of Jack Frost. Here, he is still the spirit of winter, unable to be seen by people who don't believe in him. What I really enjoy about his character is his personality, reflecting the very season itself. He's fun and fleeting, and is able to bring winter wherever he goes just with his presence. He creates ice and snow with his ice and staff, eventually bringing joy to children. Seriously, he's actually a character you will appreciate more when your grown up.

~ Number Seven ~

The White Witch

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


It could be argued that the White Witch doesn't posses ice or winter based powers, since she's never really shown using them, but I beg to differ. She lives in an ice palace, rides a sleigh driven by reindeer, a chariot by polar bears, and literally brought everlasting winter to Narnia simply by imposing her rule over it. Plus, the movie brings an added attention to detail: her ice crown. As the movie goes on, her crown starts to melt as her power wanes, an interesting detail. She's also able to freeze people, even if it is by turning them to stone. I just love her as a villain, period, and her absolute hold on her power. 

~ Number Six ~


Wings of Fire: Winter Turning

This name is a little on the nose, but I'll take it. Technically, he made his debut in the previous book, but Winter Turning took the time to explore and focus on him. Winter is a dragon, an Icewing, to be precise. He thrives in cold and snow, and is able to breathe frostbreath, which can be just as deadly as fire. He has serated claws, and an amazing design, his head sporting a crown of white spikes like icicles. Winter is a highly sophisticated dragon, very smart, but can also more than hold his own in a fight. He's definitely one of my favorite characters in the series, with the ability to have character growth and development. 

~ Number Five ~




OK, you all knew this was coming as soon as you read the title. You can start singing Let it Go now. And now you're cursed to sing that song for the rest of the day. To be honest, I can get a little annoyed with the Frozen popularity, and Elsa would probably be farther down on the list if it hadn't been for Frozen II. In it, Elsa stops a literal tsunami of water by creating a massive ice wall at the last second, which was a massive feat and she deserves her number five spot. There was also the moment when she tried to freeze the ocean itself, so definitely points there, too. It really shows how far she's come with her powers. 

~ Number Four ~


The Incredibles

People tend to forget that Disney created an ice powered hero years before Frozen came out. That character was the iconic Frozone, with some of the best lines in The Incredibles, and some very cool powers. I was thrilled that he finally got some more screen time in the sequel, with some better animation to really show off what he's capable of. Is Elsa fighting giant robots and saving derailed monorails? I don't think so. I also enjoy that there are limits to what he can do, like when he's surrounded by a blazing hot fire, unable to use "the water in the air". And, last but not least of his feats is literally stopping a bullet that had already been fired from a gun. One of the best scenes. 

~ Number Three ~

Gray Fullbuster

Fairy Tail


The main character of this anime features a fire breathing hothead, so what better then to give him a an icy, friendly rival? Gray is an elemental wizard, specializing in ice maker magic. Basically, he uses his ice magic to create objects like cages, swords, or shields. He's incredibly loyal, with a kind heart, even if his head is a little hard. He can go toe to toe with Natsu, his fire counterpart, able to put out the hottest fires and preform the hardest spells. Eventually, he becomes so powerful in his ice magic that he's able to slay demons, one of the most powerful forces in the Fairy Tail world. He's one of my favorite protagonists of the series. 

~ Number Two ~

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom


This is probably not the first example that comes to mind when someone says "ice user". Danny Phantom was a popular show in the early 2000s, and one that I love to death this day. As the titular hero, Danny has a plethora of powers, all ghost based. However, in the third season, we finally got a reason behind his frosty breath that warns him of a ghostly presence. He has an icy core, allowing him to use ice as a power, and add it to his arsenal. Seriously, Danny was already WAY overpowered before he got his ice powers. I'm not sure why enemies still keep coming when he has all this plus the ice powers. Besides being able to freeze things, Danny can even make intricate little items that require a delicate touch and attention to detail. This all comes with some awesome, glowing blue eyes. 

~ Number One ~

Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia

This one comes as a double edged sword. Todoroki is the incredibly powerful son of a popular hero, who has fire powers. His mother had ice powers. So, he actually has powers of both fire and ice at his disposal. He uses his ice far more, however, as he hates his fire based power, so we'll focus on that. He created a massive glacier of ice that covered half an Olympic sized stadium in mere seconds, complete with jagged edges and all. He can create weapons and hold people in an icy prison, and even thaw them is he feels like it. Todoroki is actually a triple threat, since he's also trained in hand to hand combat. All his training really shows, and it's all anyone can do just to keep up with him. 

~ Bonus ~


Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Admittedly, The Last Jedi was a bit of a movie mess. But I will give credit where credit is due to the creative team that was in charge of designing the new animals. We got the oh- so- cute Porgs of course, but we also got the super cool ice foxes from Crait, which are call Vulptices apparently. The name is also awesome, and I just wanted to give a shout out to them and their design. They may not be ice users, but they're definitely bringing snow and ice vibes to the table. 

Feeling properly chilled for this winter season? Who is your favorite ice user? Let me know in the comments! Also, this month's House Special will focus on Christmas classics, so drop a comment if there's a specific character you want to see!




  1. What a fun list. Rise of the Guardians is such a great film. It deserves more recognition.

    I love Frozone! He’s probably my favorite character from The Incredibles.

    1. Thank you! And probably mine too! Rise of the Guardians is something you appreciate much better when you're older than when you're real little, I think.

  2. Yay! It's good to see a post from you again! I'm sorry that NaNoWriMo didn't go exactly how you planned, but I'm glad that you had a good time.

    Ah, this is such a great idea for a top ten! I LOVE snow and winter and the idea of people having those powers is awesome. I tend to get so obsessed with it all that my family sometimes calls me the White Witch. My mom thinks it's funny how I'm always saying how incredible Frozone is when at the same time I complain about Elsa, but I've come to like her, too.

    Requests for house special: George Bailey (from Its a Wonderful Life (1946)) and Buddy the Elf (from Elf (2003)) if you've seen those movies!

    1. Thank you for the support! It's good to be back! Haha I do the exact same thing with Frozone and Elsa, just because Frozen has become overrated. I love ice themed powers much better than anything fire based.

      Will do for the characters! Thank you!


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