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Top Ten Disney Villains

  Top Ten Disney Villains Happy February all! Well, I had a lot of fun with last month's Marvel centric theme, but it's time to get back to my normal posts of ranking different fictional subjects. To kick off this month, I'll be taking a look at my ten favorite Disney villains. For this list, I'll be considering villains strictly from Disney, which can be live action, animated, or even a TV show. You won't find Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel here, since those are technically sub- companies of Disney (is that the right term?). Anyway, be on the lookout with some light SPOILERS. Let's get into it! ~ Number Ten ~ Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland                                    Bringing up the rear is a classic villain, not only from 1951 movie, but from literature as well. This ruthless monarch will always be known for two things: Her short temper, and the eagerness to execute others via decapitation. Which, come to think of it, is quite dark for a children'

House Special: January 2021: MCU Edition

  House Special: January 2021  MCU Edition Welcome to the first House Special of the year! Hope you're just as excited as I am! Especially since I get to do an MCU version. First off, thank you to everyone who participated, this was a lot of fun! You'll find a list of participating posts below with links. To any newcomer, House Specials are posts done once a month in which I take ten characters and sort them into Hogwarts Houses. You can find older posts about these in my Directory page. For this month, obviously, I'm taking ten Marvel characters and sorting them. I've already done most of the main cast in previous posts, so I'll be giving the spotlight to some of the more underrated heroes among us. As usual, there will be SPOILERS as we go on. Read on! ~ Number Ten ~ The Ancient One Doctor Strange House: Slytherin This anti- hero was requested by Movie Critic , and thank you. The MCU is populated with mostly men, which is fine, but the women who do come around are

Top Ten MCU Upgrades: MCU Blogathon

  Top Ten MCU Upgrades: MCU Blogathon Hello everyone! In continuing with my January theme of celebrating the MCU, I give you this week's entry. Marvel has become a staple for action and superhero movies, and that's all well and good. But with as many movies as there are, we can't expect our heroes to stay at the same power level forever. Some of the best moments in the MCU are those when our heroes get a well earned power or technology upgrade that make all our jaws drop in the awesomeness. Careful, there will be SPOILERS ahead. Sit back and watch it all happen.  ~ Number Ten ~ Star Lord Planetary Power                                     The first Guardians movie teased that maybe Chris Pratt, I mean, Peter Quill, wasn't entirely human. Come the sequel, we got an answer to that, thankfully. Quill's father is a literal godlike planet, and looks to exploit that side of our hero. However, in order to protect his newfound family and friends, Quill turns that power in h

Top Ten Hawkeye Moments

  Top Ten Hawkeye Moments This is my second post for the MCU themed month, and part of the blogathon Miss Woodhouse and I are hosting. Of course, I couldn't go the whole month without singing the praises of one of my favorite characters. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, may not be my number one favorite, but he's so underrate by the people at Marvel it should be treated as a crime. It also helps that he's played by the fantastic Jeremy Renner, who is also underrated in his talents as an actor. Mind you, there are SPOILERS down the line. This list will rank his best moments across several movies, and highlight why he deserves more. Read on and enjoy this little appreciation post! ~ Number Ten ~ Cold Open Avengers: Endgame                                    The Russo brothers probably realized that there was no where near enough Hawkeye in Infinity War, and by that I mean none at all. Before we even get a glimpse of anything in Endgame, we see Clint teaching his daughter how to sho