House Special: January 2021: MCU Edition

 House Special: January 2021 

MCU Edition

Welcome to the first House Special of the year! Hope you're just as excited as I am! Especially since I get to do an MCU version. First off, thank you to everyone who participated, this was a lot of fun! You'll find a list of participating posts below with links. To any newcomer, House Specials are posts done once a month in which I take ten characters and sort them into Hogwarts Houses. You can find older posts about these in my Directory page. For this month, obviously, I'm taking ten Marvel characters and sorting them. I've already done most of the main cast in previous posts, so I'll be giving the spotlight to some of the more underrated heroes among us. As usual, there will be SPOILERS as we go on. Read on!

~ Number Ten ~

The Ancient One

Doctor Strange

House: Slytherin

This anti- hero was requested by Movie Critic, and thank you. The MCU is populated with mostly men, which is fine, but the women who do come around are utter powerhouses that even Thanos would fear. For a side character, the Ancient One is actually given motivations, fears, and an actual personality. There's definitely something otherworldly about her, whether it's her old wisdom, shaved scalp, or amazing, reality warping powers. I think Slytherin is the obvious choice for her, as she definitely has an air of superiority, but also because she clearly plans way, way ahead. In Endgame, it was revealed she knew about Strange years before he became a sorcerer, and she was able to draw on a dark power for years without becoming evil. With that said, she also drew on a dark power for years, landing her in the anti- hero list. She wears Hufflepuff colors, but has a Slytherin heart, which is totally OK, even awesome. 

~ Number Nine ~

Clint Barton


House: Gryffindor

If you were here earlier in the month, you'll know my love for Clint, aka Hawkeye, cannot be understated. With that said, one does not enter a fire fight with a bow and arrows unless you are confident, cocky, reckless, or some combination of the three. I think Clint is that combination, willing to go both the extra mile and lay down his life for either a fellow hero or a stranger. He's also willing to have a wife and kids while having such a dangerous job. He jumps off buildings and is willing to stand up for his beliefs regardless of consequences. He's a true Gryffindor. On that note, I beg you to check out this music video all about Hawkeye that really shows him off. You can find it here

~ Number Eight ~

James Rhodes

Iron Man

House: Gryffindor

I honestly think you might be a certain brand of crazy if you actually want in on the crazy superhero action instead of being on the sidelines. Rhodes, or Rhodey, affectionately to Tony, was not content to be shoe- horned into sidekick status. By the time Iron Man 3 rolled around, we saw the Rhodey was having plenty of adventures out on his own without his best friend, many of which were successful. He's one of those rare Gryffindors that actually use their heads and have more than two brain cells (unlike literally everyone else around him). When he lost his ability to walk on his own power, that still didn't stop him from climbing dutifully into his suit, saving the world, making peace with Team Cap like a man, and becoming fast friends with Sam Wilson. 

~ Number Seven ~

Scott Lang

Ant Man

House: Hufflepuff

We all love Scott for his upbeat attitude, hilarious one liners, love for his daughter, and his ability to grow and shrink in size. This all culminates to one of his core traits: his selflessness. All his actions are always for someone else, be it his daughter, his friends, or even the whole world. Scott has a huge heart, and when someone is wronged, he doesn't sit back and watch. Throughout the first movie, his motivations revolve around wanting to be a hero for his daughter, and to see her freely. He was also the one to convince the out of hope Avengers- you know, the professional world savers?- to actually go back in time and reverse the damage Thanos had done. Do not underestimate the power of kindness or love, because without him and that part of him, there wouldn't have been an Endgame. Also, curse the writers for having him miss his daughter growing up. 

~ Number Six ~

Stephen Strange

Doctor Strange

House: Ravenclaw 

There are prodigy's, and then there's Stephen Strange. In his titular movie, he was at the top of his field, brain surgery, and still a young man. He was publishing papers, removing bullets with his bare hands, and making a lot of money. All from years of hard work and study. He's able to translate that obvious Ravenclaw trait of study and love of knowledge into learning the mystic arts. It's never said how much time passes, but it's not a lot before he becomes a master sorcerer and wield an Infinity Stone with ease. Strange loves learning new things, and is willing to open his mind to the impossible, even if it took the equivalant of an acid trip to do so. He was also smart enough to plan a win out of millions of failures. You can see the look on his face in Endgame; it's not shock, but quiet resignation that he knew Tony's death had to happen. Here's someone who knows and considers the consequences of his actions. 

~ Number Five ~

Sam Wilson

Captain America: Winter Soldier

House: Gryffindor

The army probably asked themselves, who is daredevil enough to try out these rad new combat wings? at one point. Didn't take them long to come across Sam, who very clearly enjoys the thrill of flying around on his wings. He was willing to follow Steve jump out of a plane without a parachute Rogers, with little to know questions, saying he also has fantastic instincts. He made fast friends with Rhodey, a fellow Gryffindor there for the thrill of it, so that's no shock. He's not extremely quick to forgive, and often needs a good reason. Like I said in a previous post, I'm looking forward to seeing him take on the Captain America mantle, because you know he'll make a good one, even if it's some big shoes to fill. He'll definitely need the more level- headed Bucky by his side. 

~ Number Four ~


Guardians of the Galaxy

House: Hufflepuff

Gamora was a child when Thanos slaughtered her people and turned her into his personal killing machine. However, not even he could fully break the true, soft heart of hers. She followed the assassin's path against her will, and it's obvious she loved her sister to the moon and back, and quickly finds new love with her new family and Peter Quill. She's able to cry openly, expressing her feelings and love, and be soft. In another life, perhaps she would have married a nice man and have lots of children she could smother with affection. As time goes on, she doesn't often think of herself, even if it means dooming herself and half the universe to Thanos' fate, as she chooses her sister's life over that. She has a bleeding heart underneath her sword wielding exterior, both of which are amazing. 

~ Number Three ~


Black Panther

House: Slytherin

This might seem an odd choice for our favorite king, and I came close to putting him into Hufflepuff, but I ultimately went with Slytherin because he breaks rules and tradition. Instead of hiding Wakanda behind a wall and away from the world, T'challa went against even the wishes of his beloved father and opened up his kingdom. Slytherins are famed for being charming and collected, and T'challa has that in spades, especially when he's surrounded by heroes like the Avengers. He also knows when to take revenge, and when to spare a life, like a any true king, it's a learned wisdom. He's wary of others, but willing to extend that helping hand. It's a balance beam, one that he walks very well. RIP to Chadwick Boseman, who lived so we may forever say, Wakanda Forever. 

~ Number Two ~


Guardians of the Galaxy

House: Gryffindor

Drax arguably has some of the best one liners in the whole MCU, and his literal sense of humor makes it all the funnier. I think he often gets sidelined because of characters like Groot and Rocket, but he's an equal and valuable member of the Guardians. Why is he in Gryffindor? Well, Drax's philosophy is that all one needs in this world are good friends and a pair of fists, like any good Gryffindor. Drax does not think things through, sarcasm is lost on him, but his simple, guns blazing attitude is infectious. His worldview is just as simple, but it wins him a new family, and the immediate trust of characters like Mantis and Thor. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend, and it's incredibly touching to see such a gruff man talk so highly of his deceased wife and daughter. According to Mantis, he bears a great sadness in his heart for them, but he wears it well. 

~ Number One ~

Peter Parker

Spider- Man: Homecoming

House: Ravenclaw

This pick goes out to Miss Woodhouse, who is a die hard Spidey fan. We all love what Tom Holland brings to the table as Spider- Man, and he captures the essence of who he is. Yes, he wants to help people, and throws himself into situations with almost no regard for himself, but Peter, no matter what version you're looking at, his a genius. He does well in school, has a love for learning, makes his own web fluid, and even builds his own suit. Sadly for his character, what he wants often collides with his Spidey duties, which is quite unfair to someone of his age. He's willing to explore all kinds of possibilities, like a true Ravenclaw. We never did get a moment between him and Tony that was just them nerding out in Tony's lab building something cool. Shame on you Marvel, shame on you. 

So that wraps up both this month's posts and my blogathon posts. I had fun with everyone, and hope you enjoyed. What were your thoughts on my sorting? Comment below! See you next month!



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  1. See, the yellow was really throwing me off with the Ancient One. Slytherin really fits her, though!

    I've seen opposite placement for both Clint and T'Challa, but they're hard to pin down. Such complex characters for both of them!

    Sam is basically the definition of a Gryffindor! I was surprised by Gamora being a Hufflepuff, but it totally works and I can't think of a better place for her.

    Thanks for hosting this! I had so much fun doing my own posts and reading everyone else's.


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