Top Ten Disney Villains

 Top Ten Disney Villains

Happy February all! Well, I had a lot of fun with last month's Marvel centric theme, but it's time to get back to my normal posts of ranking different fictional subjects. To kick off this month, I'll be taking a look at my ten favorite Disney villains. For this list, I'll be considering villains strictly from Disney, which can be live action, animated, or even a TV show. You won't find Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel here, since those are technically sub- companies of Disney (is that the right term?). Anyway, be on the lookout with some light SPOILERS. Let's get into it!

~ Number Ten ~

Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland


Bringing up the rear is a classic villain, not only from 1951 movie, but from literature as well. This ruthless monarch will always be known for two things: Her short temper, and the eagerness to execute others via decapitation. Which, come to think of it, is quite dark for a children's movie. She made this list because of her craziness, and unwillingness to hide it. Also, she has a fantastic aesthetic of cards and hearts and that's something I can't really ignore. Don't tell me you can't hear her screaming "Off with their heads!". 

~ Number Nine ~


Sleeping Beauty

To be clear, I'm going with the animated version, and not the live action version of this character. Maleficent is known for being one of the best classic Disney villains out there, but somehow they managed to butcher her character in the reboot. No matter, the original is pretty awesome. She's a smooth talker, incredibly powerful, has an army of goblins, has a pet crow, has horns, and can turn into a freaking dragon. I'd say she almost stole the entire movie for herself, almost. She is wholly dedicated to her evil ways, even going so far as to live in a creepy, abandoned castle. Let's not forget she cursed a baby girl because she wasn't invited to a party. The ultimate level of pettiness. 

~ Number Eight ~


The Emperor's New Groove

OK, first off, I adore this movie, and is an underrated Disney classic. All the characters stand out in their own ways, but maybe none as well as Yzma, the villain. Just because she's ancient doesn't mean she's lost any of her bite. For years, she served a brat for an emperor who fired her, so her solution was to kill him and rule his empire herself. And she was almost successful. She goes as far as to have a secret lab where she makes poisons and shapeshifting potions, even accidentally turning herself into a cute(?) kitten for the rest of the movie. I also wanted to mention she was voiced by Eartha Kitt, who really sold and embodied the character. 

~ Number Seven ~


Darkwing Duck


The 90's were an experimental age for Disney, from making Atlantis to founding Pixar, they were testing the waters to see what worked. Darkwing Duck was an animated show that aired in the 90's, and they weren't afraid to go all out with their most popular villain, only known as Negaduck. He was literally the physical opposite of Darkwing, the hero, and took pleasure in murder and torture. Seriously, the show wasn't afraid to show kids that and say it outright. He is a loud bully, and lets his underlings know that they mean nothing to him, and he will just as soon as kill them as the heroes. Also, who else can wear bright yellow and red and still look intimidating?

~ Number Six ~




Despite having little to no story or plot to his name, this devil has made a name for himself among the Disney community. Mostly for scarring young children for life when they started watching this cute cartoon and it ending with the Bald Mountain segment. I would know, I was one of those kids. Between the feverish music, his grotesque wings and fangs, and the dancing demons and ghosts, can you blame me? Chernabog is nothing short of the embodiment of evil, and I think he was animated that way, no doubt. No villain to date has come close to his dark design. The reason he ranks this low is because there is little to no plot to his name. 

~ Number Five ~

Dr. Facilier

The Princess and the Frog

Charming, sophisticated, smooth, and a master of shadows, what's not to like about this voodoo witch doctor? Besides, of course, his tendency to curse people. Facilier, unlike some other villains, is actually given somewhat of a reason for his villainy, even if his methods are evil. He's clearly been poor his whole life, and probably looked down upon, and then got desperate and turned to black magic. What's interesting is that the very thing he trusted ended up being his downfall, and he's presumably dragged into some dark underworld by his own voodoo puppets. I can't blame the prince for falling for his tricks, since, like I said, he's a charming man, and knows exactly what to you want to hear in order to get what he wants. 

~ Number Four ~




Ah, the god of the underworld himself, Hades. He's a villain who's playing the long term game, waiting what was probably centuries for the planets to align so he could take over Olympus. His plans were literally foiled at the last possible second, and I can't imagine how frusturating that was. Like any good villain, he really doesn't care much for anyone or anything, and will dispose of everyone that gets in his way, even stooping low enough to murder an infant. Mostly though, his sarcastic wit, provided by James Woods, is what takes his villain from OK to fantastic. If they had gotten literally anyone else to voice him, Hades probably wouldn't even have made this list. 

~ Number Three ~

Captain Barbossa

Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Barbossa managed to achieve anti- hero status throughout this series' run, but in the first film, there's no doubt he was the villain. He's a true pirate, with large, feathery hat and all. He mutineed against Jack Sparrow himself, and captained the Pearl for years without losing a grip on his power. But the true ace up his sleeve was his immortality. He was an undead pirate captain, turning into an animated skeleton in the moonlight, while appearing normal on all other accounts. And he makes a very good case as to why he doesn't want to be that way, even though he can't die. He wants to feel something again, and when he finally does, it's his last breaths. 

~ Number Two ~


Tron: Legacy


So, maybe Rinzler isn't the main villain of the movie, but I think everyone had to admit he pretty much stole the show for himself. For one, his name alone sounds evil, and for another, he doesn't need to speak. Seriously, he has like, one line. His skills as a fighter are proof enough that he's not to be messed with, and he has a completely blacked out helmet, so you can't see his face. He's almost inhuman in nature. To top it all off, Rinzler actually used to be the worshipped hero Tron before he was brainwashed into being the villain. I only wish he had more screen time. 

~ Number Ten ~

Bill Cipher

Gravity Falls


Coming out on top is the triangular, one- eyed dream demon from the cult show. Bill actually does not have many episodes to his name, but for two straight seasons his character was built up, never showing what his endgame was until it was too late and armeggedon had begun. Bill is a charismatic deal maker, with the ability to enter dreams, warp minds, posses bodies, and even warp reality to his own making. He's a freak of nature, and yes, they actually showed someone getting possessed on a kid's show. I love to hate him for his unique design, abilities, actions, and the way he very nearly won. An argument could be made that he did win, for however brief a time. 

When gravity falls, and earth becomes sky,

Fear the beast with just one eye. 

And that's a wrap! What did you think of my list? Who are your favorite Disney villains? Comment below and let me know! Don't forget about this month's House Special, so drop me your favorite fictional character, and I'll do my best to include them. 




  1. Another splendid list! Yzma, Dr. Facilier, and Captain Barbossa are some of my favorites, too. The first times that I watched the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I was so confused about his character because I'd seen the first movie so many times and was used to that.

    Some of my other favorites are Mother Gothel, Jafar, and Scar. Disney knows how to write villains that we love to hate!

    1. Thank you! Hahaha that was my reaction with Barbossa too! Villains are key to any good story. Any writer, or blogger, will tell you that.


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