Top Ten Hawkeye Moments

 Top Ten Hawkeye Moments

This is my second post for the MCU themed month, and part of the blogathon Miss Woodhouse and I are hosting. Of course, I couldn't go the whole month without singing the praises of one of my favorite characters. Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, may not be my number one favorite, but he's so underrate by the people at Marvel it should be treated as a crime. It also helps that he's played by the fantastic Jeremy Renner, who is also underrated in his talents as an actor. Mind you, there are SPOILERS down the line. This list will rank his best moments across several movies, and highlight why he deserves more. Read on and enjoy this little appreciation post!

~ Number Ten ~

Cold Open

Avengers: Endgame


The Russo brothers probably realized that there was no where near enough Hawkeye in Infinity War, and by that I mean none at all. Before we even get a glimpse of anything in Endgame, we see Clint teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow and arrow, while his wife prepares a picnic on their sprawling farm. It's a cute, fun scene showing how Clint's coping with house arrest. Until it turns very dark very fast, which leads to his entire family being dusted by Thanos. Literally. His daughter, two sons, and his wife, gone. It was the best and worst way to open this movie and show that Clint survived. 

~ Number Nine ~

Civillian Rescue

Avengers: Age of Ultron


It seems that a lot of Hawkeye's action scenes get cut, even though he's a person who can hold his own against evil robots with nothing bit a bow and arrow. However, some of his scenes focus on him rescuing civillians during a fight, which shows a lot about his compassionate nature. However, the one scene that sticks out is when he leaves the safety of the evacuation vessel in Ultron to save a frightened boy. Considering we saw him with a young son in the same movie, I don't think this was coincidence. Right after, we see him protect the boy with his own body, even at the cost of his own life and never seeing his family again. This is the type of man he is, and he needs more appreciation, darn it.

~ Number Eight ~

Coming out of Retirement

Captain America: Civil War

This isn't necessarily a moment but more of a concept. Hawkeye got to appear in a non- Avengers film, and his role was glorious. 

"I retire for, what, five minutes? And it all goes to *." 

Literally. The team spiraled into chaos the minute he "retired". Plus, there's the fact that he basically recruited two members for Team Cap, and joined Team Cap without hesitation. He outsmarted Vision into a trap, and is shown to easily hold his own against Natasha, the Black Widow. Clint is a team player, who was against the Accords, and has a strong moral compass. As a side note, my first ever cosplay was Civil War Hawkeye, if that tells you something. 

~ Number Seven ~

You Only get Mind- Controlled Once

Avengers: Age of Ultron


One by one, every single member of the Avengers fell to the mind tricks of the then villianous Scarlet Witch. Every single one, except, you guessed it, Hawkeye. Sensing her sneaking up behind him, he electrocutes her in the forehead with an arrow, commenting he's not a fan of mind control (I mean, let's remember that happened, OK?). He's the only one on his guard enough to keep himself safe. By extension, he's the only one who keeps it together enough to get the team out and to safety after they fall apart. I would very much like to know what the team would have done without him in that instance. They wouldn't have done very well, I can tell you right now, even if Tony was also not under the influence at the time. 

~ Number Six ~

From Arrows to Swords

Avengers: Endgame

This is definitely one of Hawkeye's darker moments, where he's turned to ruthlessly slaughtering crime lords after the death of his family. On one hand, at least he's only going after "bad" people, but his manners are beyond brutal, showing just how deadly he his if you dare make an enemy out of him. Something that's worth noting is his shift in weapons. In every movie, we've seen him using a bow and arrows, killing from a distance. However, in his opening scene in Japan in Endgame, he's switched to swords, which is a weapon you use for up close and personal killing. He wants to get personal with them, which is also incredibly dark. But, it also shows that it doesn't matter what weapon he's using; he's second to none. Also, he speaks Japanese, bonus points. 

~ Number Five ~




Throughout the first Avengers film, we get constant teases and people saying how good of a shot Hawkeye is. It isn't until the final battle against the Chitari that we actually get to truly see how good he is. This shows in particular when he's up on the roof, calling patterns for his team and he shoots down one of the Chitari without looking. This is him watching his own back while dealing with the enemy. He doesn't get his name for no reason, and he only has to see you for a second to predict and shoot. On my first time watching this movie, there was a lot that impressed me, but when that happened, my jaw pretty much dropped open. 

~ Number Four ~

Safe House

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Like I said above, not all of Hawkeye's best moments come from shooting some arrows or just being awesome in general. After his team takes a heavy blow from being mind controlled, he takes them all to a remote farm, which happens to be his house wherein lives his pregnant wife and two small kids. I mean, I am here for family man Clint. We don't see a lot of healthy relationships in superhero movies or comics, let alone with kids, but Clint and Laura are obviously still in love, and she supports his Avenger lifestyle 100%, even if it means he might not come home at the end of the day. He plays darts (perfectly, of course), plays with his kids, and handy- mans his own home. It's a side to heroes we never really get to see, and its so sweet and says so much, that you almost can't blame him for going completely rogue when he loses them. 

~ Number Three ~

Gauntlet Chase

Avengers: Endgame


After Thanos completely destroys the Avengers complex, Hawkeye falls what must have been a couple stories down to the very foundations. He's the one left with the gauntlet still holding the infinity stones. Without much time to rest, he picks it up and immediately has to run and take on a dozen of Thanos' weird alien creatures sent to retrieve the gauntlet. Despite having fallen that far, he holds his own very well and manages to escape. He also is the first to start carrying it through the battlefield. This fight scene is also the first we see him using his bow and arrows again against an enemy, which I think says a lot. Just watching his fight style is so fun to watch that it's such a shame we don't get more. 

~ Number Two ~

Call from the Wife

Avengers: Endgame


First off, I just want to say that this is a level of acting I don't normally see in films. Renner's acting in this scene alone puts him above his co- stars, and I claim that without shame. Why? Well, after the Avengers fix everything and bring everyone back to present reality, Clint receives a phone call from his wife almost immediately after. You can see the disbelief and relief all at once on his face as he immediately tears up and chokes out his wife's name. But, he can't quite say it, as his throat is so closed up. Think about it, the first thing that happens right before you start crying is the closing of your throat, and you can't talk. It's such a raw and real scene that it stuck out to me, and quite a few others who saw the movie. Perfect portrayal, Renner, absolutely perfect. 

~ Number One ~

Helicarrier Takedown



How many arrows does it take to bring down a flying fortress? Two, apparently. This is a feat that doesn't get talked about nearly enough. A helicarrier is a flying fortress, designed to be secret and keep enemies out. It's also staffed with hundreds of SHIELD agents, advanced weaponry, and even a few heroes. Hawkeye simply uses a well shot arrow to get in, leads a team in to kill several people and rescue Loki, and then another shot to take out a second turbine and cause the fortress to fall from the sky. And he was able to do all this almost without being seen. If Tony hadn't been there, the helicarrier definitely would have crashed and burned. Clint is not an enemy you want to make, and God help the poor soul that does. Two arrows. Let that sink in. 


~ Bonus ~

Taking a Knee

Avengers: Endgame

This scene was slotted under bonus because, technically, it didn't happen. A deleted scene from Endgame shows all the heroes kneeling in respect for Tony Stark after his heroic sacrifice and death. I've watched it a few times (and once without crying, I swear), and I would like to point out how it's Hawkeye who kneels first. He drops pretty heavily, putting his head in hands. It's out of both respect and sorrow, from one father to another. He realizes the gravity of the situation. He didn't expect anyone to follow his example, but they do anyway. 

And there you have it! What are your favorite Hawkeye moments, and what are your opinions on him? Comment below and let me know!


  1. THIS POST IS THE BEST! Ah, Hawkeye is definitely my favorite of all time. That is one of the reasons I don't like Infinity War, because what is an Avengers movie without Clint? (Then again, Clint is one of the reasons why I love Civil War. That is fantastic that going as him was your first cosplay!) But, I was compensated because his role in Endgame is phenomenal. These moments! I love them!! The only one I haven't seen is the bonus one from Endgame, because I only saw it once, in theater. But, my sisters and I are actually planning to watch it again today! A few others that are awesome are: his speech to Wanda (Age of Ultron), his tiny cameo in Thor ("I'm starting to root for this guy."), and the beginning of the first Avengers. Brilliant, TQ!

    1. Yes on all accounts! I love him and hate that he gets sidelined every time. I'm super excited for his show, but I'm learning it may not be all about him, which is disappointing.

  2. What I liked about Hawkeye is that he just showed up. There was no introduction, he just appeared in a 3 minute scene in Thor and then reappeared as a lead character in The Avengers a year later. After Avengers he just took the world by storm! Every girl was in love with him <3

    Along with my post about Bucky and Sam, I going to review the rest of the Marvel films (Spider-Man: Far From Home, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ant-Man, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and Captain Marvel) and finish up my whole Marvel film review section.

    Here's my link to Spider-Man: Far From Home -

    1. Absolutely yes! He just kind of showed up and no one questioned it because he was more than in their league.

      Sounds good! Looking forward to those additions!

  3. I finally made it back to leave an actual comment!!


    (i don't think i can actually write a cohesive comment because I'm fangirling too much)

    His devotion to his family and the way he will automatically go to the aid of civilians is such a huge part of his character and I LOVE THAT ABOUT HIM.

    Haha I love The scene with the darts and his little shrug at Tony ;)

    THE PHONE CALL *sobs* ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! His acting in that scene is so phenomenal!!

    I love his speech to Wanda too!!! "The city is flying, we are fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense."

    We love a guy who can hit the target without even looking ;) <3

    So in conclusion, Marvel, can we have like, four Hawkeye movies? Cool, thanks.

    Ok, fangirl rant over ;)


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