Top Ten MCU Upgrades: MCU Blogathon

 Top Ten MCU Upgrades: MCU Blogathon

Hello everyone! In continuing with my January theme of celebrating the MCU, I give you this week's entry. Marvel has become a staple for action and superhero movies, and that's all well and good. But with as many movies as there are, we can't expect our heroes to stay at the same power level forever. Some of the best moments in the MCU are those when our heroes get a well earned power or technology upgrade that make all our jaws drop in the awesomeness. Careful, there will be SPOILERS ahead. Sit back and watch it all happen. 

~ Number Ten ~

Star Lord

Planetary Power


The first Guardians movie teased that maybe Chris Pratt, I mean, Peter Quill, wasn't entirely human. Come the sequel, we got an answer to that, thankfully. Quill's father is a literal godlike planet, and looks to exploit that side of our hero. However, in order to protect his newfound family and friends, Quill turns that power in his favor and against his birth father. With this new surge, he can take huge hits without getting a scratch, and using his imagination to create things from pretty much thin air. The writers literally had to strip him down of all that immediately, otherwise Thanos would not have been a problem. It would have been like swatting a fly when your powr is literal creation. 

~ Number Nine ~

Black Panther

Purple Burst


I'll admit that the Black Panther film is quite far down on the list of my favorite MCU movies, as much as I love T'challa himself. He's a fantastic character, and I'm sad his movie didn't meet my high expectations of it. However, he received a sweet tech upgrade to his suit, courtesy of his genius sister. Now, he can take in kinetic energy in his suit, and release it in a deadly blast when he sees fit. Why it's purple, I've got no idea, but it looks really pretty and fits him very well. He was already cool to begin with; this just adds a new layer to his power level. On that note, I just want to say, Wakanda Forever, to our beautiful Chadwick Boseman. Stan Lee would be proud. 

~ Number Eight ~

Spider- Man

"It smells like a new car in here!"

The Spider suit has gone through a hundred different changes since its big screen debut, and even quite a few in the MCU. This one comes via Tony Stark, who took his own suit as inspiration and fused it with Peter Parker's vision. The result was this super update in Infinity War, complete with iron spider legs that saved Peter more than once in the movie. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was a total of at least three times. Why, oh why, wasn't this upgrade kept in the rest of the movies?? Cough cough *Homecoming* cough cough. 

~ Number Seven ~

Doctor Strange

From Here to There


In Stephen Strange's underrated film, he asked, "How do I get from here to there?". His power crawl, from Doctor Strange to Endgame is nothing short of epic. He went from not being able to open a single portal to opening dozens at once, from different places. Plus, let's not forget he literally held millions of gallons of water in place and kept a lake from flooding the crucial battlefield. The Ancient One was right when she saw his potential, and probably saw him surpassing even her. Someone once pointed out that Endgame was a chess game between Strange and Thanos, with literally everyone else as pawns. That is a massive power flex and upgrade if there ever was one. 

~ Number Six ~

Scarlet Witch

Thanos Killer

There are few heroes who can go toe- to- toe with Thanos, and even fewer who will make him fear for his life. One of these is Wanda, the sweet girl who feared what her power was capable of. Her powers seem quaint in Age of Ultron compared to what she busted out in Infinity War. She turned the tide of a battle single- handedly, and also destroyed an Infinity Stone. Seriously, she did that. Then, come Endgame, she took it to the next level, by showing down Thanos and didn't break a sweat. When she started her fight with Thanos, I literally almost screamed "Whoop his butt, girl!". Bonus points for scary, red glowing eyes. 

~ Number Five ~

Iron Man

Nano Tech


The Iron Man suit has gone through about two dozen changes since he first walked out of the cave in Afghanistan. Each movie has brought a more impressive version than the last. But the most impressive was probably the nano tech suit. With just a tap, he can get the whole suit to form around him, and be able to form new weapons at will, like swords, shields, canons, and boosters. The potential is limitless with this version, and I'm %100 sure the creators knew they had reached the peak with the Iron Man suit, which was perfectly fitting for the character. 

~ Number Four ~

Spider- Man

Spidey Sense or Peter Tingle?


Peter Parker got two spots on this list, one for technology and the other for power. I don't think the Spidey sense power gets talked about enough. With it, he's able to sense things almost before they happen, warning him of danger. Marvel finally explored this in Homecoming. When Peter couldn't trust any of his senses, courtesy of Beck's illusions, he closed his eyes and relied fully on his precognitive sense to get him through. I will argue that this took him to a whole new power level, and was made all the clearer when he was able to stop himself from getting shot at point blank range. You know how impossible that is?

~ Number Three ~

Ant Man

Tiny Dude is Big Now


Next to Clint Barton, Scott Lang doesn't get enough credit, even with two movies two his name, plus appearances in two other movies. Seriously, does no one appreciate him? At all? Anyway, after solidifying his character as being able to shrink in size, I was in no way prepared for the curveball Civil War threw at me in theaters. Not only can Scott shrink, he can now grow in size, huge sizes. The reveal was just so out of nowhere for me, and so cool to give Scott a little extra something, that it had to go this high up on the list. On top of that tech upgrade, he also got a sleeker suit design, which looked way better than the old one. 

~ Number Two ~


Lightning + Immigrant Song = Who Knew?

Five years ago, if you had told me that these two things would be combined to create one of the most epic scenes in the MCU as a whole, I might have laughed nervously and wondered what on earth Marvel was doing. However, Ragnarok slowly built up the tension, teasing that Thor could harness raw lighting without his beloved hammer. And when the moment, and subsequent power upgrade, came, it was glorious. His eyes and body crackled with lightning as he wielded its raw energy, fully embracing the god of thunder persona. Along with that, he received the best glow up, with a sick haircut and edgy eye patch. Too bad Marvel are cowards because we didn't have that version of Thor for very long. 

~ Number One ~

Captain America 

Hammer Time


This was the moment when the entire theater went ballistic upon first watch and didn't calm down until the credits rolled. Ever since the first Captain America movie, we've all known Steve was more than worthy of wielding Thor's hammer. After years of patient waiting, wondering if it would ever happen, we got our answer. I literally yelled in the theater when Steve picked up that hammer and went full out on Thanos. He was calling down lightning and everything! He even did a sweet combonation of boomeranging it off his thrown shield and smacking Thanos upside the head. If that's not the ultimate power upgrade, I'm honestly not sure what is. 

And there you have it for best tech and power upgrades for the MCU! What did you think? What are your favorites? Comment below and let me know! Also, coming soon is this month's House Special, all about MCU characters. Drop a comment if you want to see a specific one!





  1. Another great idea for a top ten! These are all awesome. I have to agree, nothing beats Cap lifting the hammer!!! It completed his character arc so perfectly! There was so much screaming when it happened! Ragnarok is one of my favorites just for such moments as when Thor used his lightning for the first time like that.

    I know that you probably have a bunch planned for your house special, so I only have one request for if you have room for her: The Ancient One. Can't wait!


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