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Top Ten John Williams Scores

  Top Ten John Williams' Scores Hello and happy March, everyone! Where I live, spring is just around the corner, meaning sunnier days and warmer weather. Today's topic doesn't have much to do with spring, but music is as timeless as language, and can be one all on its own. There is hardly a better composer out there than the legendary John Williams, who has composed classic music for classic films. For this list, I'll be looking at specific score pieces that are his best, not the soundtrack itself. You will find highlighted links to the music below, so listen on if you please. There will be NO SPOILERS this time, since it's all about the music.  ~ Number Ten ~ Hedwig's Theme Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone                                    This music piece might have been named after Hedwig the owl, but we all know that this is the commonly known Harry Potter theme instead. It has played at the start of every movie, and has been done in different styl

House Special: February 2021

  House Special: February 2021 It's that time of month again, everyone! Time for the House Special! After three months of themed specials, I'm returning to the tried and true method of selecting characters at random and sorting them into their "proper" Hogwarts house. I guess it's kind of up for debate on my selections, but it's really just my opinion, and it's a lot of fun. There will be some light SPOILERS but nothing that really gives anything away. On with the post! ~ Number Ten ~ Ellen Ripley Alien House: Gryffindor I had to start with this one because Ripley is my favorite female character EVER. She's calm, she's smart, she's tough as nails, she's OK with living alone with her cat or some casual flirting. Heck, she might even my make my top ten favorite characters ever. Anyway, I think it's fairly obvious why she's in Gryffindor. Alien is a classic sci- fi horror that spawned several sequels, and Ripley was the canter of most

Top Ten Time Travel Stories

Top Ten Time Travel Stories   Time Travel. One of the hardest fictional concepts to wrap our heads properly around. Can the future really be changed? Or does the flow of time merely right itself? Maybe it's best to let these stories handle that. Today, I rank my favorite time travel stories. To make the list, the story has to either revolve primarily around time travel, or have time travel be the crux of the story. There won't really be any SPOILERS, but I'll issue one just in case. Just think, your future self has already read this! ~ Number Ten ~ The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne                                     We'll start this list with a childhood classic of mine, Magic Tree House. These were sold in every book store, and the creative titles and covers drew you in with each new adventure. By opening a book and pointing to a page, Jack and Annie were able to wish themselves literally anywhere, and a bulk of the adventures took them to different tim

Top Ten Fictional Weddings

  Top Ten Fictional Weddings February is traditionally the month of love. Last year (what!), I did a list of my favorite couples. Well, for this week, I'm ranking my favorite fictional weddings! As much love as there is within books, television, and movies, the utter lack of weddings is astounding. Probably because fictional relationships go for max pain and minimum happiness. At least, that's been my experience. Anyway, here are the ones we got to see live out their happily ever after. This post does contain SPOILERS. Now stand up 'cause here comes the bride! ~ Number Ten ~ Anakin and Padme Star Wars: Attack of the Clones                                      This wedding is three things: brief, beautiful, and tragic. It's a short scene that wraps up the second Star Wars movie, withe the two star- crossed lovers having a tiny, private wedding on Naboo. I wonder of Padme just had a wedding dress all ready to go, though. These two don't wait long after confessing to g