House Special: February 2021

 House Special: February 2021

It's that time of month again, everyone! Time for the House Special! After three months of themed specials, I'm returning to the tried and true method of selecting characters at random and sorting them into their "proper" Hogwarts house. I guess it's kind of up for debate on my selections, but it's really just my opinion, and it's a lot of fun. There will be some light SPOILERS but nothing that really gives anything away. On with the post!

~ Number Ten ~

Ellen Ripley


House: Gryffindor

I had to start with this one because Ripley is my favorite female character EVER. She's calm, she's smart, she's tough as nails, she's OK with living alone with her cat or some casual flirting. Heck, she might even my make my top ten favorite characters ever. Anyway, I think it's fairly obvious why she's in Gryffindor. Alien is a classic sci- fi horror that spawned several sequels, and Ripley was the canter of most events, able to come out with her version of victorious every time and somehow still maintain some of her sanity (mostly). 

~ Number Nine ~

Cassian Andor

Star Wars: Rogue One

House: Slytherin

Of all the good things to come out of Rogue One, and there were many, Cassian was probably the best thing. He's a Rebellion pilot, and a fearless leader that most would willingly follow, regardless of the risks. He's also willing to go to the extremes, if it furthers the common good. He makes his own calls, when he thinks there's a line he shouldn't cross, and these are all hardcore Slytherin traits. This doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart, far from it. While we're on the subject of Cassian, and seeing how it's still February, I just want to say that his and Jyn's obvious chemistry is one of the most overlooked in movie history. 

~ Number Eight ~

Rick O' Connell

The Mummy

House: Gryffindor

Wherever you stand on the 90's Mummy, you have to admit that the writers actually went and tried to give your typical action hero an actual personality. With that said, and regardless, I love Rick, and the story, and everything about this movie. This is another one that's obvious why he's in Gryffindor, with his adventerous spirit, straightforward manner, and his fascination with guns and weapons, you have yourself the perfect Gryffindor. There's also the fact that he marched right back to a city that he'd been scared away from before. That's laughing in the face of both danger and evil. 

~ Number Seven ~

Dipper Pines

Gravity Falls

House: Ravenclaw

Dipper is one of the leading characters of the Disney show Gravity Falls, which taps into classic stories like X- Files and Twilight Zone. He's twin brother to Mabel, and is the one that sets off the chain of story events by finding a dusty journal in the forest. If it wasn't for his interest in mysteries and puzzles, he would have left that journal alone. And that's precisely why he falls into Ravenclaw. He has a love for puzzles and solving questions, and this house would be perfect for fostering that curious nature of his, for better or worse. 

~ Number Six ~

Cecil Palmer 

Welcome to Night Vale

House: Slytherin

You may or may not have heard about this podcast that has been airing for nearly a decade. The story is simple: Cecil is a radio host for his strange town of Night Vale, and reports on the weird stories that go on. I love it. Despite him reporting on other people and events, we do find out a lot about Cecil himself. He likes to talk cryptically, and doesn't mess around when something threatens those he loves. He has a dark sense of humor, and I think he would love the Slytherin common room, with its darkness and view of the mysterious lake. 

~ Number Five ~

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

House: Hufflepuff

Most, if not every, superhero starts out with a token Tragic Backstory, and everything that implies. Everyone, it seems, but Danny. He's the local superhero of his hometown, his ghost powers granted by way of a lab accident. Other that that, there is literally nothing else that should prompt him to be a hero; in fact, it's almost like it would be the other way around. The reason he's not a villain is because he's literally just that good of a person. No matter how the townspeople drag his name through the mud, or his parents try to hunt down his ghostly alter- ego, he keeps on fighting. Hufflepuff's are known for their hard work and selfless nature, and this boy has that in spades. 

~ Number Four ~


The Matrix

House: Ravenclaw

There are prodigy's, and then there's Neo. He's the hero of the Matrix, the literal savior known as the One. Before he was that, he was an expert hacker, which speaks for itself. After that, he had to learn to discern between the real and virtual worlds, and wrapping your head around that is no easy task. Yet, he mastered it in a short while, as chosen one's tend to do. One of the most defining things about his Ravenclaw nature is his willingly to take the plunge into a completely unknown world and have his mind and knowledge forced open. 

~ Number Three ~


Avatar: The Last Airbender

House: Gryffindor

Hailed as having the best redemption arc in history, Zuko has more than earned his place among the best of Gryffindors. To start, he is a firebender, so he's got the aesthetic down. But over the course of time, he found the courage to stand against his psycho sister, his abusive sister, ask for forgiveness, acknowledge his wrongs, and literally take a lightning bolt to the chest for a friend. He's loud, brash, prideful, and brave, all the key qualities of a good Gryffindor, even if it's not as obvious as some. On another note, the guy never quits. Like, ever. 

~ Number Two ~

Killua Zoldyck

Hunter x Hunter

House: Ravenclaw

Don't let his young age fool you. Killua was born and raised into an esteemed family of assassins, if that gives you some idea of his character. Regardless, he made the decision to separate himself from them and become his own person, deciding that killing is wrong, and should only be done in self defense. Still, that part of him will never leave, giving him a cold, hard edge over others. He calculates risk, comes up with strategies, and remains very rational while in tow with a friend who is equally as reckless. One of the biggest tells of his intelligence is that he knows when to fight, and when to run and live another day. 

~ Number One ~

Bella Swan


House: ????

So this is an interesting pick. When I decided to do Bella, I didn't think this would be that hard. I was wrong. Turns out, the more I thought about her character, it turns out she really doesn't have one. At all. Apologies to those who disagree, but there's really nothing about her other than her obsession with Edward. I can't think of a Hogwarts house for "blank slate", so I'll juts go ahead and say that she'd be kicked out, regardless of being a YA main character. If anyone has more insight on this, feel free to share. 

And there's February's Special for you! What did you think? Do you agree with my choices? Comment below and let me know! Until next month, everybody!




  1. Of these characters I only know Cassian Andor, but I heartily agree to his placement!

    1. I love Cassian! He's one of my favorite Star Wars characters.


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