Top Ten Fictional Weddings

 Top Ten Fictional Weddings

February is traditionally the month of love. Last year (what!), I did a list of my favorite couples. Well, for this week, I'm ranking my favorite fictional weddings! As much love as there is within books, television, and movies, the utter lack of weddings is astounding. Probably because fictional relationships go for max pain and minimum happiness. At least, that's been my experience. Anyway, here are the ones we got to see live out their happily ever after. This post does contain SPOILERS. Now stand up 'cause here comes the bride!

~ Number Ten ~

Anakin and Padme

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones


This wedding is three things: brief, beautiful, and tragic. It's a short scene that wraps up the second Star Wars movie, withe the two star- crossed lovers having a tiny, private wedding on Naboo. I wonder of Padme just had a wedding dress all ready to go, though. These two don't wait long after confessing to get married, hence the true love beauty of it. But, when you put your wedding at the end of the second movie with another one still left, you know it's going to end in tragedy. Which it does. Still, I love this couple and I love that Star Wars actually showed marriage in a positive light. 

~ Number Nine ~

Naveen and Tiana

The Princess and the Frog


Disney animated movies have no shortage of weddings, but usually we see the aftermath, and not the actual ceremony. Enter Princess and the Frog (one of the best Disney couples, btw). Here, we see the pair accepting their fate as frogs and having an absolutely gorgeous bayou weddings, where we catch the tail end of their vows and share that all important kiss. First off, I want to say that I want to get married at that location, surrounded by sun and cute animals. Second, we get a montage of their human wedding, which was just as pretty as the first and even more lavish. And thirdly, to top it off, we get to hear Naveen proudly say that Tiana is his wife. Just, so much yes. 

~ Number Eight ~

Mike and Phoebe


This long running TV show had its share of weddings, some that ended well, and some not so well. Monica and Chandler may have been the headliner couple for a while, but the reason I picked Phoebe's over theirs was a couple of reasons. First, she was absolutely beautiful, getting married in the New York snow. Second, she was marrying Paul Rudd, so you really can't beat that. The both of them were quirky, fun individuals, who waited so long to find love and family. In her vows, Phoebe literally called Mike her family. So many happy feelings, all around. 

~ Number Seven ~

Indiana and Marion

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

There's a lot to be said about this movie, and personally I don't understand the general hate it gets. Especially since it brought one of the best 80's power couples back together and gave them a proper ending. These two had their rough spots, and did things a little backwards, but they ended up getting married nonetheless. It was a simple ceremony in a church, with the perfect 50's vibe and style we got through the whole movie. This wedding was years in the making, and proves it's not just for the young. Sometimes it takes decades before you find your soulmate and settle down. 

~ Number Six ~

Finnick and Annie

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay


So it may have not been Katniss and Peeta, like I was hoping, but this was just as good, and served the plot in so many ways. This is another pair that ended too soon in tragedy. Despite being surrounded by darkness, death, and oprression, Finnick asked for Annie's hand in marriage after getting her back from the Capitol. It's a joyous, bright spot in the series, with both man and woman happier than they've ever been. Then there's the dancing, the music, the first time we see free people having fun and celebrating together that doesn't relate to the rebellion. 

~ Number Five ~

Hiccup and Astrid

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

By the third movie of the trilogy, it shows off our favorite childhood characters growing up. Hiccup and Astrid's love was never brought into question, and they knew they were going to end up together. But dedicating an entire winter scene to their wedding at the end was way more than I expected Dreamworks to give us. But we got it. Both dressed in white, all smiles. No one has to talk, it's just backed by gorgeous music and all sealed with that first kiss as man and wife. Then we get to see them ten years older with kids. So much payoff, and it was worth the wait. 

~ Number Four ~

Sean and Juliet

Psych: The Movie


Sometimes the best weddings are the least traditional. It took eight years of TV just to get Sean to get down on one knee and propose to the love of his life. Then we waited longer to get the spin- off movie, in which he goes on a search for the stolen engagement ring, since he doesn't want to get married without it. But the minute he finds it, literally, he gets married to her. They get married on the San Francisco docks, by a criminal who happens to be licensed to marry, with his best friend as his best man. I waited so long for this, and I was not disappointed in the least. It was done in true Psych fashion, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

~ Number Three ~

Killian (Hook) and Emma

Once Upon a Time

Some characters and/ or actors just have instant on- screen chemistry that you can tell where their relationship will go. That was the case with Hook, the one- handed pirate captain, and Emma, the lost girl savior. Since I pretty much watched this show in real time, it took so long for them to kiss, longer for them to confess, and even longer for the proposal. Fortunately, the creators did not drop the ball with their wedding episode, making it into a musical as well. To see them finally find love and a home within each other was simply the best way to ever do a wedding. We got to see Emma walk down the aisle, have them say their vows, have their kiss, and even see them have their first dance as man and wife. I get so many feelings just thinking about it. 

~ Number Two ~

Simon and Nia

Gurren Lagan


So, let's see if I can get through this one without crying. To start, this is an anime series, and a very good one. Simon and Nia met as children, and she pulled him out of a very dark place mentally. They developed a friendship that hinted at more than just friendship, and we flash forward to when they're adults, and Simon proposes. Nis joyfully accepts the offer from her childhood love. However, tragedy strikes (of course). They get to have a beautiful outdoor wedding with pink flower petals raining down, and Nia looking gorgeous in her wedding dress while surrounded by their friends. As soon as they are official, though, Nia dies, not being able to exist in reality anymore. And one of the best/ worst parts is that Simon was well aware, and leaves happy that he got to spend even a second married to her. 

~ Number One ~

Will and Elizabeth

Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End


As many plot problems as this movie has (still a great film, though), it is worth sitting through two hours of it just so we can get this wedding in the middle of a battle and a maelstrom. Will asks Elizabeth, and they just get married right there, saying their vows and 'I do's' while fighting off enemies. Barbossa, meanwhile, is the only figure who can officiate. Elizabeth could, as the pirate king, but since it was her wedding, she needed someone else. This all results in one of the best cinematic kisses ever filmed. Then we get more of a roller coaster as Will dies and is promptly resurrected. 

And there you have it! What did you think of my picks? What are your favorite weddings? Comment below and let me know!





  1. I love Tiana and Naveen's wedding! It is lovely in every way. That whole movie is spectacular. I haven't seen Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull since it came out in theaters (wow, I feel old) so I did not remember that part! Sweet, though! Hiccup and Astrid's made me so happy because I wasn't expecting it! Great choice for your first. You can't beat that one!

    1. If I could choose one of these to be like my own someday, it would probably look like Tiana and Naveen's, really can't beat it! And I guess Crystal Skull came out in 2008 and now I feel really, really old. That was the same year as the first Iron Man.


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