House Special: March 2021

 House Special: March 2021

So there's been a bit of feet dragging on my part this month. I only got two posts written, and this one is coming later than usual. Still, I made it here. I am sad to announce that this will be my last post for a while. My family is re- locating to a different state, so things will be quite different for me in the coming months. That's not to say I'll never post again, I just don't know if I'll get back to this anytime soon. There's a lot of change and work ahead for me. I've enjoyed this immensely, and I'm going to miss it. Please enjoy this month's Special, and there are some SPOILERS down the line. 

~ Number Ten ~

Poe Dameron

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

House: Gryffindor

Poe may have made his first appearance in Force Awakens, but he never truly got his chance to shine until the sequels. It's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of this movie, but the reason it's not a complete disaster, along with Rise of Skywalker, is mostly because of Poe and Finn. I love Poe. He's one of my favorite characters from this trilogy, and it shouldn't be a mystery as to why he lands in Gryffindor. He's a hotshot pilot who takes matters into his own hands, with mixed results. He's not afraid to be a one man army, deliver inspiring speeches, and lead the charge after Leia is unable to. 

~ Number Nine ~


Howl's Moving Castle

House: Gryffindor

Whether you're talking about book or movie Sophie, she remains the same. Sophie lives in a fantasy village, making hats while her sisters get married and find their fortunes. Sophie is turned into an old woman, and ends up finding (and falling for) the wizard Howl. The thing with Sophie is that she doesn't take crap from anyone or anything; she'll put them in their right place. When she goes from 20 years old to 80 overnight, the girl literally just accepts it and rolls with it. That's true Gryffindor attitude right there, just rolling with the punches and serving up harsh reality. 

~ Number Eight ~

Barry Allen

The Flash

House: Hufflepuff

For this list, I'm pulling the Barry Allen from the Flash TV show. Here, Barry has the whole package; he's handsome, incredibly intelligent, and the sunniest personality you could possibly ask for. It was a toss up to put him in Ravenclaw, but, really, science is just his hobby and work. Who Barry really is, is a bleeding heart who loves way too much and trusts fat too easily. Considering some of the stuff and heartache he goes through, that I would consider a strength instead of weakness, since he's still willing to love and trust fully even though people have betrayed him. He's also very loyal and hard- working, two more Hufflepuff traits. 

~ Number Seven ~

Toph Beifong

Avatar: The Last Airbender

House: Slytherin

The only thing I have against Toph's character from Avatar is that she wasn't introduced soon enough. She came in nearly halfway through the series. Imagine all the great content we could have if she'd come in sooner! Anyway, Toph is most definitely Slytherin. She's a blind girl born into a rich family and treated like glass. However, she turned her back on those, becoming the best earthbender in the world, while blind, far from helpless and with one of the sassiest attitudes out of any of the characters. She breaks every mold expected of her, and strives to become even better. After being told an earthbender couldn't bend metal, she cracked her knuckles and bent metal out of pure spite. A true Slytherin, and it helps that she wears mostly green. 

~ Number Six ~



House: Ravenclaw

Blame! is both a Netflix movie and a manga series. Cibo is the main female character of both, and boy does she really go through it. Living in a dystopian city where machines want to wipe out humanity, Cibo is a head scientist searching for a human gene that can bring machines back to human control. While her companion may the stronger one that does all the heavy lifting, Cibo is the one that comes up with strategies, saves her partner constantly, and generally is the hero on the intellectual level. Eventually, she's the one that produces a full human with the gene to save the world, and giving her own life in the process. She's a genius in every sense of the word. 

~ Number Five ~

Ichabod Crane

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

House: Slytherin

Whatever Ichabod's true fate was at the end of the story, if he was killed or was run out of Sleepy Hollow, I honestly think he had it coming. Ichabod thinks highly of himself in the small town where he becomes a school teacher, but the real tell that he's really not a hero is what he thinks of Katrina, the woman he tries to marry. He doesn't exactly love her, but loves what marrying her implies. Her family is rich, and he wants that. On top of those shallow ambitions, he knows how to turn on the charm in order to try and win her heart, like many Slytherins before him. Brom Bones wasn't necessarily upstanding either, but Ichabod was actually kind of a jerk. 

~ Number Four ~

Steve Harrington

Stranger Things

House: Hufflepuff

Steve.... is hard to place. When it comes to this hit show, Steve perhaps has gone through the biggest changes as a character. Largely disliked in season one, he received major development in the second season two, and even more in three. Even in his beginning stages, Steve was a Hufflepuff. He cared about his friends, and about Nancy's feelings. As it went on, it showed that he's willing to accept and own up to his mistakes. He protects others, even if it means going toe to toe with a demagorrgan, or getting his face kicked in by a Russian spy. He's always there for others, whether as a "mom friend", a shoulder to cry on, or lending an ear to listen. 

~ Number Three ~

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell

Top Gun

House: Gryffindor

Cocky attitude? Check. Adrenaline junkie? Check. Massive flirt? Check. Maverick is your standard Gryffindor package all in one, and it doesn't hurt to have that signature Tom Cruise smirk, either. Let's also consider that his call sign is Maverick, which today is synonymous with "hotshot pilot doing things his own way and being good at it". Come to think of it, Poe Dameron may actually be a lot like him. Maverick is up in the sky flying military jets faster than sound, nearly defying the laws of physics as he does. He takes risks, sometimes ones that don't pay off as he was hoping, but ones that do get him out of bad situations. 

~ Number Two ~



House: Ravenclaw

While her sunny personality and sun emblem may want some to put her into Hufflepuff, I believe that this Disney princess is most definitely a Ravenclaw. She was trapped in a tower for eighteen years, yet she managed to keep herself entertained. She taught herself ballet, guitar, chess, sewing, painting, and about a dozen other hobbies. She's a creative genius at her best, and she presents everything in a logical light, arguing with her so called Mother the about lights and stars, and how she's charted stars and their courses. She longs to discover and see the world as it is. Seriously, her thirst for knowledge and creativity are staggering. 

~ Number One ~



House: Slytherin

Kyrii is Cibo's partner in crime, and the main character of the Blame! series. Throughout the whole series, he has one single goal in mind, one single drive that keeps him fighting. He wants to find a person with the gene to save the city from the machines, and not even being ripped apart beyond repair is enough to keep him down and out from the fight. He's very near emotionless, traveling from place to place and killing those who dare get in his way. If they leave him alone, he does the same, and passes by. His stubbornness and drive are what put him solidly in Slytherin. 

What so you think of my list? Do you agree? Hopefully, I'll be back soon, but for now, this me, signing off. 



  1. Moving is hard so I wish you and your family the best in your transition!

    Poe, Sophie, and Rapunzel are some of my favorite characters and you sorted them perfectly! I wouldn't have thought of Ravenclaw for Rapunzel, but it is the best choice.


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